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  1. I found this interesting. The author has a book out about his experiences as well. I always take heart when I read about other sufferers who somehow manage to cope and even thrive. Let me know what you think. Sending peace to all.
  2. Hi Camilla, One of my symptoms is tension in my scalp. I'm going through a setback right now, in fact. I've been taking a lot of hot baths, which do help. Also, I used to listen to muscle relaxation tapes, and they would help me relax at night. I used the tapes sold by Dr. Reid Wilson. I found those to be very effective. I hope you're feeling better soon. Hang in there. You don't suffer alone. Don
  3. Follow up to the above article. Always interesting to see what others are going through.
  4. Good points, Joy. It doesn't appear that it interferes with his everyday functioning, but I wonder if he does or has tried any of the more natural remedies. Maybe he expands on that in his book.
  5. In a sense, can't every day be a struggle for most of us? I've heard others describe it this way, and they don't have anxiety. I always say, we all have our everyday battles, so we should be kind to everyone we meet. You never know what battles they are fighting at any given time. In my own history with anxiety, there've been bad periods, but there are good days too, and the good days are more numerous now than they used to be. Just that trend makes me feel better.
  6. What Gilly said. This is just a single case story. Don't focus on the negative here. I know we anxiety sufferers tend to do this, but this doesn't mean you'll suffer forever. We each have our own path, and it is up to us what we decide to do with it. Don't lose heart! Despite his anxiety, this guy is a successful author. He hasn't let his anxiety stop him from accomplishing his goals!
  7. Hi everyone, Found this article fascinating. Makes me realize once again that we're not alone. Hope you enjoy and get something out of it. I may buy the author's book, being released next week.
  8. I use both meditation and St. John's Wort. Along with some talk therapy, it helps a great deal. There is hope!
  9. becca, are you taking any medication right now? It sounds like that might be a good place to start. Don't have to on it forever, but it will help deal with the symptoms while you get through this rough patch. Bad times like this won't last forever. Keep persevering. Even though it's tough, you have to make the effort every day. Try some relaxation cds. They helped me a lot during the first few years I had it. I've made it this far, and though it never completely goes away, it's more of an infrequent visitor nowadays. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you.
  10. Wow, this an awesome site. Have to bookmark it here at home and at work. Thanks!
  11. I think I've been aware of this for decades now. It's like another prescription for me, but with better side effects.
  12. I seem to be blocked from seeing it. I love BBC radio though. I often listen to it at work. Maybe they'll have it somewhere on there. Thanks, Taran.
  13. I do much the same thing, Hoshi. Very tough on myself. I recall during one of my worst years, I won an award for perfect attendance at the company I worked. That should not have happened. Because of that, I probably suffered longer than I should have. But we're eager to please, and if we're suffering already, if we feel we let someone down, that can make it feel worse. I'm just beginning to learn to let things go a bit. Take it easy on yourself. It's hard enough dealing with anxiety...if we don't give ourselves a break, it'll be that much harder. I hope the clinic helps and that you're feeling better. Keep us posted. Don
  14. I've always picked at my cuticles on my fingers, to the point where they're gone on some of them. Then my nails grow out with ridges on them. I wish I could stop, but it's tough. Stress makes it worse. At least I don't do it on every finger at once. I tend to move around to different fingers at different times.
  15. Hang in there, Julia! Sending serotonin-boosting thoughts to you. Hope to see you in chat again soon. (Hell, most nights it's a miracle to see anyone in chat)