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  1. Well I’ve figured out my pizza, cheeseburger, and fried chicken ‘diet’ isn’t working so I’m trying to lose as much fat as I can by thanksgiving (27 days) and then get as fit as I possibly can by my birthday, January 7th (98 days)
  2. I'm doing research for a piece on Marijuana right now. Researchers estimate that between 8% and 13% of people with schizophrenia would have never developed schizophrenia if they had not used cannabis. In another study involving over 50,000 people researchers found that people who used cannabis during their teen years were 600% more likely to be schizophrenic as adults. In another study researchers found there was a linear relationship between cannabis and schizophrenia with each year of cannabis use resulting in an 8% increased risk of being schizophrenic. Several organizations like the American Psychological Institute now recommend that there is sufficient evidence linking cannabis to schizophrenia that they recommend that anyone with a predisposition to developing schizophrenia, like a family history of schizophrenia, abstain from using cannabis. However, unfortunately many times it's not known whether you have a predisposition to developing schizophrenia or not and the only way to find out is by using cannabis and then becoming psychotic, making smoking cannabis a little like playing Russian roulette with your brain. I know bipolar is not schizophrenia but isn't there a psychotic element to bipolar???
  3. Take Photos You're not going to notice changes looking at yourself every day, and if you stick with it, you'll be really glad you took those photos in a few years. YouTube has a bunch of videos on training and diet. Most of the videos are legit. YouTube is really good for learning how to lift. The mistake I see the most from beginners at the gym is doing 'herky jerky' movements often times actually with too much weight, not too little weight. You want to do controlled lifts. You actually build more muscle on the eccentric movement of lifts (like lowering the weight on biceps curls) than you do on the concentric movement of lifts (raising the weight). So you don't want to just drop the weight. You want to lower the weight, controlled, and slowly.
  4. Damn lol...I worked really hard but I actually gained 15 I was doing really well. I did the stair stepper 3 days in a row and my spinal cord injury was OK so I tried to do deadlifts with light weight, which was a bad idea because I couldn't workout for three weeks afterwards and I gained the weight in those three weeks!
  5. possibly, keeping people with issues from procreating
  6. Have you ever wondered whether the side effects of psychotropic medications are actually the intended consequences of those medications??? Such as say sexual side effects???
  7. I went to school in Rockhampton Queensland BTW and I'm going to apply to graduate schools in Australia
  8. I'm currently doing a 77 day Fat Loss challenge until my birthday on January 7th 2015. I started on October 23rd. I'm going to post a shirtless picture one one of the sites with some of the most malicious trolls on January 7th regardless of what I look like, lol. I currently have about 20 pounds of fat to lose. It should be interesting, lol.
  9. Here's some good news for those with heart related fears to exercise that I found while studying for the graduate records examination in Biochemistry... Heart muscle is subject to two kinds of stress: physiologic stress, i.e. exercise; and pathologic stress, i.e. disease related. Likewise, the heart has two potential responses to either stress: cardiac hypertrophy, which is a normal, physiologic, adaptive growth; or cardiac remodeling, which is an abnormal, pathologic, maladaptive growth. Upon being subjected to either stress, the heart "chooses" to turn on one of the responses and turn off the other. If it has chosen the abnormal path,i.e. remodeling, exercise can reverse this choice by turning off remodeling and turning on hypertrophy. The mechanism for reversing this choice is the microRNA miR-222 in cardiac muscle cells, which exercise up-regulates via unknown myokines. miR-222 represses genes involved in fibrosis and cell-cycle control.[7]
  10. went surfing today and it was great! I'd say it was about a 9/10 today. it was about 4' really clean waves with the occasional barrel. Only thing that could have made it better were longer waves, more barrels, and a little more size
  11. I did some bench and the bar felt so good in my hands. I really miss it. But I payed for it for a week afterwards.
  12. rib is healed, but i'm still having problems with the shoulder
  13. I did 4100 steps on the stair stepper, which is a new record. The limiting factor were my joints, not my muscles or cariovascular system.
  14. I was finally able to do something other than the stair stepper today, which was great!