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  1. What i had was definetly sleep paralysis. What i'm having now i'm not so sure... perhaps lucid dreaming. I get a dream about something I cant figure out is reality or dream... for example, someone coming up the steps and trying to come into my room...and i'll get scared, and start getting the "falling" feeling, and then before they can come into my room, or do something climactic, I scare myself awake.
  2. chocolate, rainbow sherbert, green tea, mint choco chip, coffee, peanut butter....mmm i want ice cream now!!
  3. HONK...hope im not too late. i went to a work party the other night and felt so uncomfortable i convinced myself to stay until the pizza came (lol) and i have to drink a lot in order to feel somewhat okay around so many people... even then i just sit quietly to myself most of the time, while everyone else socializes.. it was at work but had there been a cat or dog there i would surely be spending most of the time with it xD
  4. I wonder if anyone here has any experience with sleep paralysis? I remember reading somewhere that the average person will get it 4-6 times in their life however I personally got it every night for a year straight when I was 17. I think it was linked to extreme anxiety I had at the time and would often get nightmares and the "falling feeling" that would wake me up or cause me to have restless sleep. I eventually learned to control it because before i would go into paralysis I would feel the "falling" and would force myself to wake up. Until now I have not been able to explain what would have caused this level of sleep disturbance, I can only relate it back to my anxiety.
  5. Welcome Oliix you can edit your profile by clicking your icon and when it goes to your page there is a blue "edit profile" button. xx
  6. I loved the season finale to Season 2 i thought it was one of the best episodes yet
  7. I have a habit of starting new books while i'm still reading others because I get excited and cant wait. I'm just finishing up a series of letters between Hunter S. Thompson to the White House and following his campaign trail.. Its called "Better Than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie". Also finishing up The Hobbit because I want to read it before I see the new movie .
  8. char - hey! thank you blackcapped - absolutely. i love books.
  9. Thanks Gilly. keep missing you on the chat - damn time zones...
  10. nice to meet you all. I go by dregon and I am currently residing in Canada. I like cats, books and ice cream.