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  1. My husband and I (and recently our youngest daughter) are so into this show. We can't wait for season 3 to start in October. I am actually in disbelief that The Walking Dead has not been nominated for any Emmy's this year. I see that Mad Men and American Horror Story tied for the most nominations. I love both of those shows as well, but why not even one nomination for The Walking Dead?
  2. I love it as well. I tell my kids that it's like Glee for adults (even thought I love Glee, too). Katherine McPhee is a sensational singer. For some reason, I am appreciating her singing talent more in this show than when she was American Idol. I'm glad this show did so well in it's first season.
  3. For me it's The Little Mermaid. Before this movie came out, I felt like Disney was at a stand still. But this movie started the ball rolling again for them and it seemed that every June thereafter a new Disney movie came out. Also, the style of the movie was different than their movies in the past; there was some humor in there for adults (but still clean), and I appreciated that they did that to keep the parents entertained throughout the movie as well as the kids.
  4. I guess Titanic would be considered a Chick Flick, right? I think that movie had it all: romance, suspence, drama and humor. It will always be my favorite movie of all time.
  5. Yes, I would have checked more than one answer as well. But the feeling of doom tops my list. I hate having the feeling of loss of control like that. I know I'm not going to die, but it just feels like I am.
  6. Oh gosh! A Walk to Remember is my husband's favorite movie. He's watched it at least 15 times and crys each time he watches it. A movie that I was surprised I cried in was Bridge to Tarabithia. My youngest daughter dragged me to go see it, and I never read the book so was surprise about the death in this kids movie. I remember my throat hurting from trying to hold back the tears in that one scene and being angry with my daughter afterwards for not letting me know beforehand that I'd need tissues. But the saddest tear-jerker movie of all time has to be The Passion of the Christ. How anyone could watch that and not cry is beyond me! All I heard in that theater were people crying and blowing their nose.
  7. Anything stressful, especially when it comes out of the blue. Like when my mother fell while running and fractured both of her forearms. Seeing her like that in the hospital, in so much pain, sent me over the edge. It is usually very stressful situations like that, but I've also had small panic attacks for no reason whatsoever.
  8. Hello all! My name is Sandy. I'm at 49-year-old homemaker with two beautiful daughters. I look forward to getting to know people here.