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    If, and I emphasize IF it does stay around, and once again I will have to repeat myself - IF - your brain will be able to cope with it. I think medical reassurance should calm you down, even if your ENT says he or she can't find anything wrong with your ear and you get your litany of tests to check, if they can't find anything wrong, then you're in the same position I was in. It sucks, but as long as your actual hearing isn't affected, you should be ok. This is IF. Hopefully they find your cause and will help treat it. I had ear plugging/increased tinnitus troubles after a cold and it didn't clear up even though the cold went away for a week or two. It's a common condition. But don't assume the worst. And I will repeat myself, do NOT Google it. You WILL find stuff that will fuel your anxiety. Here's another anecdote. A coworker of mine several years ago was using one of those Asian wooden spoon pick swab things to clean out his earwax - he ended up screwing up and shoved the earwax too far back into his ear, but he had no idea because he couldn't see it. His hearing got worse, and for a good two or three days he developed really bad tinnitus in that ear. Me and some other coworkers had to practically yell at him to go to the doctor, and they could easily tell there was impacted earwax (fancy way of saying earwax was stuck). The moment his ear got irrigated? He said it was like he was released from some sort of prison. This isn't the same as your condition, but since you said it started after your cold, you have a clear link - it's not like it popped up out of nowhere. So a link should help your ENT figure out what's going on.
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    @BrightPhoenix thanks so much for your help! I will set up an appointment with ent- I’m less worried about anything bad rather just stressed about the impact it’s had on me and if it’ll hang around for a long time- I’m glad to know you do get use to it after a while. It definitely seems like its related to my cold I had- kinda weird it went away for a bit now back full blast. Appreciate the response. Sometimes just knowing it’s common and millions of other people have it helps me move on.
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    I have had Tinnutis 24 hours a day seven days a week for some time. I told my ENT and internal medicine physicians about it and they said it is pretty common and that they have it too and to live with it and I have done so. My ringing, whistling and buzzing is primarily in my left ear.
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    The EZCare Clinic advertising continues. Must have some form of financial interest in the Organization. Such advertising should not be allowed on this site.
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    An easier question would be what I haven't been worried about having. Lol, but anyway, here goes: Brain tumor, ALS (repeatedly), Parkinson's, melanoma, diabetes, leukemia, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, oral cancer, COPD, lymphoma, cervical cancer. I am sure there are more that I cannot remember right now. Now that I have kids I worry about their health too. It's exhausting!
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    I booked two appointments and canceled both. I was part of Phase 1 in my state because of my profession. I am 38. I have done a lot (probably too much) of research on these shots and I am really nervous about them. If I do get one, I am likely to wait for the Johnson and Johnson shot.
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    UPDATE! Ended up having a spinal MRI and not a brain scan. My insurance denied it on grounds that it wasn't "medically necessary". I took that as a sign. Test results came back completely normal. Neurologist said there was no reason to follow-up. So, while I didn't get an ironclad answer to my worries, I feel much, much better. Also, my wisdom teeth surgery went great! I'm still on soft foods, but I'm 90% better. And I've lost 8 pounds in the past two weeks while still drinking milkshakes most night, so that's pretty awesome.
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    MS. Multiple times. I'm just now coming down from a recent scare that had me in shambles for three weeks. Ended up getting a spinal MRI which came back completely normal (insurance denied a brain scan, saying it wasn't "medically necessary"; I took that as a sign).
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    Hey guys! I’m back with new worries, and I’m driving everyone around me crazy! And I just need some help. Back in October I noticed this little red spot on my finger. Super tiny...I didn’t think much of it and then I noticed that the skin around the little red speck was slight raised and squishy. Almost like a pimple. I didn’t go away or change after a couple weeks, so I began hyper focusing on it. The stupid thing never went away, and I have only made things worse. Since hyper focusing on it back October I have picked at it, poked at it, traumatized it over and over. I thought it could be a cyst and maybe needed to drain (since you know, I’m a doctor and can do that.............*sarcasm*) I have worried myself to death over it... I finally got it healed back to what it looked like at first, and of course I messed with it and now it’s bleeding a lot, sore, and the lump is so much bigger (which I know is because of the fact I keep messing with it). I have convinced myself somehow that it is some type of cancer... I know I should go to the doctor.. but I don’t have a good primary anymore... and I’m also pregnant and go to the doctor every couple of weeks for scans... I’m just so stressed. Does anyone else do this?
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    Many years ago i fell and my back began bothering me when I bent forward and I got a bruise around the center of my back. It hurt pretty bad. I called my physician and he told me to go to the ER. I went to the ER and they xrayed my back. Next thing you know I was admitted as an inpatient for 6 days for observation as I had a compression fracture of the vertebrae. I had to wear a back brace for a few months and it healed and I was told by the orthopaedic physician named Jayasanker Menon that I should have no further issues and so far I have not.
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    Wow big hugs!!! It's been a long time. I'm doing well despite this wild year that has spilled over into 2021! I hope you and your family are well.
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    I appreciate your reply and the insight given. What you said makes a lot of sense. I have scheduled with my PCP to discuss the back issue and also get a yearly physical. I will follow the guidance of my Doctor to take the appropriate course of action.