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  1. Thank you for the reply and your personal experience. I struggle because I can’t recall how long this has been with me. You’d think I’d know if I’ve had this for a while or not but it’s something I’ve stumbled on with my body and am now stuck on. I know I’m clear of the diabetes issue due to the blood work result but I’m nervous about the “rare” link to cancer. I wouldn’t be as worried if I knew I’ve had this for a long while.
  2. I have noticed for a while that the skin under my armpits are darkening. They sometimes feel dry. It looks like a yellowish-brownish tint which is definitely different than my usual skin color. I’m a white male with a BMI of 31.0. Technically low level obese on the BMI chart. This has been something that has been bugging me and I just recently had my yearly physical but forgot to bring it up. Wrongfully, I went to google and found acanthodians nigricans. I saw that it is usually a benign condition. However, yes, however....it can be due to a serious underlying condition such as liver, stomach, or internal cancer. Great, just great. It listed diabetes and obesity as the main culprits. Technically, I’m obese (5’11”, 215-220 lbs), but I’m not significantly out of shape and I live an active lifestyle. I just had my blood work done and I don’t have diabetes. My numbers were really good. I don’t use any harsh chemical deodorant. I’m confused and I don’t know if this warrants another trip to my doctor or not. I want to call but I fell into a habit several years back of making useless doctors visits and don’t want to revert back to that. Does anyone here have this or had experience with this symptom?
  3. Well, I actually saw my doctor for a physical and it was about 6 weeks into the process. My symptoms were still present but improving so we just discussed what had happened. He told me to call him if it happens again so we can do medication and PT much earlier. I basically gutted it out. I agree with the statement above that it could get worse before it gets better. For me, it was all about time and letting it heal properly. I wish you well.
  4. I got the Moderna dose 1 earlier this week. The side effects were a bit stronger than I expected. My wife had nothing but a sore arm with her first Moderna dose. I’m in my 30’s and I mainly dealt with injection site pain, fatigue, and muscle aches. The muscle aches were really localized to my arms, chest, back, shoulders, and neck. I’d consider the fatigue and aches moderate. Nothing in my legs just my upper body. Today is day 3 and I’m much better than the previous 2 days. I felt great earlier and just feel mild symptoms again as the day winds down. I did workout a few hours ago which could be why. My reaction to the first dose is worse than anyone that I know has received Moderna, which makes me slightly concerned for the 2nd shot. I’ve read that the shot 2 reaction is much worse. I overthink and sometimes worry for no reason....I suppose that explains why I’m here (haha). I’m debating on calling my doctor just to discuss.
  5. I just wrote about a similar situation on here a few weeks back. I know what you mean about the leg feeling numb but still being able to feel it. I have a known lower back disc problem in my L5-S1. In January I re-injured my back, even thought I don’t remember a certain scenario where it happened. I had the same symptoms you are having. I tried heat, ice, stretching, yoga, etc. Nothing worked. I was best when I was standing and had the worst symptoms while sitting. My doctor said he treats this usually with medicine to reduce inflammation and can refer to physical therapy. Sometimes the therapy works but it may just take time to heal. It’s taken me 8 weeks for my symptoms to go away but I’m finally feeling good aside from a little tightness in the lower back after waking up. Ultimately, I’m sharing this because of the similarities of symptoms. My issue was a previous back issue that was re-aggravated causing a nerve impingement. The best thing is to see your doctor if you want to be certain.
  6. I appreciate your reply and the insight given. What you said makes a lot of sense. I have scheduled with my PCP to discuss the back issue and also get a yearly physical. I will follow the guidance of my Doctor to take the appropriate course of action.
  7. Thanks for checking out my post. Let me preface this with the fact that I have experienced episodes of HA on and off for a good amount of years. About 6 years ago I spiraled out of control with it but have since maintained very well thanks to CBT, therapist, and other self help tactics. I’ve had brief bouts here and there but for the most part have done very well. It’s a constant battle as I’m sure most of you are aware of. in 2017 I found out I had an annular tear of a disc in my L5-S1 vertebrae which caused me some issues. My PCP told me there is nothing that can be done about these and basically I’d have to live with degenerative disc disease. I saw a chiropractor during this time. Fast forward to mid-January of this year and I started feeling a slight wincing pain when I would go to the bathroom to bear down. The pain would be in my lower back/spine area but the right side of my spine. It only hurt when I engaged the bathroom muscles. Then I woke up on a Sunday and could barely move with lower back pain. The few days before I had been working out, also lifting some heavy household items, playing with my young kids, etc. Any of these could have been the culprit to aggravate what had happened. I tried stretches, heat, ice, and rest but nothing seemed to help very much. Ibuprofen seemed to reduce the pain but it didn’t make it fully go away. It took me about 3-4 weeks for gain most of my mobility back and not have pain a lot when bending, etc. the wincing pain when going to the bathroom was with me all along and just subsided a week ago (thankfully). So I’ve dealt with this for several weeks and am thankful that wincing pain is gone. It has scared me a quite a due to the length of time it I have been dealing with this. I started getting tingling and numbness feelings in my lower legs and feet throughout the “healing process”. The tingling feels like when your legs start to fall asleep. I don’t get true numbness but a sense of numbing. Sometimes it feels like cold sparks going off in the bottom of my legs. I know herniated discs and pinched nerves can cause all kinds of issues but I can’t get out of my head that this is some sort of cancer or tumor causing all of this. I know, it’s likely irrational with the history of the lower back disc but I’ve never had pain, numbness, and tightness go on for this long. I also know that cancer doesn’t get better and the wincing pain when going to the restroom is indeed gone. My flexibility is way down because of the injury and trying to protect my back. I now have a tight low back with numbness in my feet after I get up and get moving with my day or if I sit for any amount of time. I’ve tried to do limited research because I try to avoid Dr. Google but I have found that aggravated disc injuries can take weeks to months to heal. I don’t want to go back to the doctor or chiropractor because of covid but I think I’m going to have to give a visit. Does anyone have experience with low back pain, herniated discs, or going to a chiropractor during covid? Thanks for reading!
  8. I just wanted to provide an update. I had my appointment and the surgeon confirmed that there is nothing to worry about with my small lump. It is either a papilloma or fibroma, likely caused from biting down on my cheek. He 100% assured me that there is nothing to worry about. He also said that they get these referrals all of the time because dentists are not trained heavily on lesions and cancers like they are so they are quick to refer out to be cautious. I was offered to have it removed if it bothers me but I chose not to because I did not want the extra cost and there is no pain. I have a follow up in 6 months to see if there are any changes (these can grow) and can have it removed then if I’d like.
  9. Thank you for the replies. I’ve been doing relatively okay waiting for my appointment. Still one week to go! I can’t help to think that it has grown but I think it’s just my imagination doing what it does best.
  10. Hello, I have a small lump on the inside of my right cheek. I noticed it a few months ago after I bit my cheek and didn’t think much of it. I can not recall if I bit the side of my cheek and the lump formed or if I bit the side of my cheek and the lump was already there. The bite mark healed rather quickly but this small painless bump or lump was still there. Surprisingly dealing with health anxiety, it still didn’t bother me that the lump was there. Fast forward to yesterday and I brought it up to my dentist at my routine dental appointment. The hygienist said it doesn’t look like anything to worry about but we’ll have the dentist take a look. The dentist came in and didn’t say anything close to what she said. I showed him where it is because it is quite small, under 1CM - probably closer to a half of a CM, and he felt around a bit. Asked if it hurt, which I replied no and then asked how long I’ve noticed it. I told him a few months after I bit the side of my cheek right where it is located but I can’t confirm if it was there before the bite. He informed me that we need to have an oral surgeon check this out. Mind you, I’ve seen this dentist for years and trust him completely. He didn’t give me a sense of security. It may have been a let’s get this checked just to be safe because I don’t diagnose lumps but it wasn’t clear. In my eyes I read that response as, we need to get this checked for cancer. I went to google, which I’ve sworn off, again until yesterday. Now I’m stuck on buccal mucosa cancer or squamous cell carcinoma. The lump is smooth, round, and just a bit pinker than inner mouth skin color. There is no ulcer, pus, white, Red, or black spots. No pain either but I read almost all mouth cancers are painless. I’m 33 years old and have never been a smoker but I’m deathly worried that I have cancer inside of my mouth due to this painless bump. My appointment isn’t until August 5th and that’s after calling around to a few places with earlier openings. Just writing here to vent. Thanks for reading. Now I wait until 8/5.
  11. I am so very sorry to read about your friend. What you said put a lot of things in perspective for me. I am a chronic over thinker. I have taken a small symptom that I think is not normal and turn it in my mind into a life threatening issue. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Hey bin, thanks for the reply. Yes, I know it sounds silly and I wasn’t sure how else to describe it but by “pressing hard”. I’m 5’11” and weigh about 220. Not super ripped and I have a little bit of fat in the area that I have to push through - lol. The area with pain is under the right rib cage and you can only reach it if you press in a bit. It hurts mostly in the morning and I almost feel a sense of fullness there. The soreness isn’t on the skin but deeper within. It’s such an odd sensation of pain. I don’t poke at it all the time but I get what you are saying. Maybe I’ll give it a rest and see if I have any improvement.
  13. Hi everyone, I was curious is if anyone has had issues or anxiety regarding their liver? I’m in my mid 30’s and will admit I wasn’t too kind to my liver during college and my early/mid 20’s. I did some binge drinking on weekends during those times. I have slowed down significantly on my drinking but will still occasionally have some drinks. I have noticed for a while now that my liver seems to hurt only when I press on it. I have to press under my ribs to feel it and it’s a quite uncomfortable feeling, all the way along my rib cage deep underneath it. It seems to be the worst in the morning, whether I have anything to drink or not. From what I’ve read you should not be able to feel anything from your liver when you press on it. I’m confused why I’m having this pain feeling or is it because I may be digging too deep just to “check” for pain. It doesn’t hurt at any time unless I press hard on it. Im worried that my college Days has ruined my liver and I may have early stage liver disease or even fatty liver. I get my bloods yearly and have never had any issues regarding the liver numbers. I also had an abdominal CT scan in late 2017 where it said my liver was normal and had no mass present. Does anyone else seem to have liver pain when they press on that area under their right rib and also more-so in the morning? thanks!
  14. Thank you both. I have just started looking into acceptance and mindfulness. I believe I will gain a tremendous amount from the content with some effort on my part. Its good to know I’m not the only one out there. Not that I wish this upon anyone! The hardest thing to cope with is how this happens nearly daily at random times. I don’t think I’d worry about it so much if it happened once a month. The other night it happened and I felt two quick/hard heart beats after, instead of the usual one. I also had this happen again this morning where I felt light headed before the off beat feeling happened following by tingles in my arms. I’m assuming the tingle in my arms is an anxious response but the light headedness scares me. That’s only happened once or twice preceding the odd heart beat in the past that I can rememberZ. I haven’t been feeling good today. Just have been off, so hopefully it’s related to anxiety and not the heart itself because I know light headedness/fainting feeling isn’t good with potential heart issues.
  15. Thank you both for your responses. I recently switched to decaf coffee. I will say that I don’t eat much sugar and don’t use tobacco. I drink alcohol every now and again. I will reduce the amount and see if that helps any. Its crazy because I’ve been told this is benign and nothing to worry about. I’m good with it for a while. Then it happens again and I have such an anxious response. I repeat this over and over.