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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. I need help with my anxiety. I don't want to take any medications anymore. I don't know how many times I've been to the doctors and hospitals for the last 15 years and it's getting worse. I've already thrown out all medications except 1 that I will use once or twice a week but I don't want to anymore. It's becoming almost impossible for me to stop having anxiety and panic attacks. I get so sick that I can't even leave my room or allot of times I don't want to even leave my own bed. Going out to go grocery shopping or other simple tasks as this are a nightmare to me. And then I become so paranoid & fear kicks in, then my anxiety becomes very high spiked within 2-3 seconds and takes hours or days to yet and stop workout medication. I'm throwing away the rest of the medication. I want to do this on my own. Please help me? I wasn't raised to be like this. There is allot I have to deal with that are major changes from my past, present and future that are hugely effecting me. I'm freaking out about all of it to where my entire body, internal senses and everything else just freeze, cramp up, I can't breathe, I can't think to breathe because I'm freaking out bad at not knowing what's going to happen next in that moment or the future. Does anyone have an good advice that I can try. I've never asked for help like this before. Thank you so much. ?Behealthy ❤️
  2. Hi everybody, i want to share my concerns.It all started one year ago when i suffered a major injury to my neck. I fractured my thyroid cartilage which is a pretty rare condition. 3 CT scans were needed in order to prove that. The doctors couldn't figure out almost, so that was the first time where i lost trust for them.Since then i'm always worried about my health and started looking things up on the internet to figure out what problems could i have. My phisiotherapist recognized that i have a mild scoliosis at my thoracic spine, a more severe scoliosis at my cervical spine and he sent me to the chiropractor to adjust it.Before i went to the chiropractor 2 days before i started to look up things on the internet that are related to spinal adjustments. I've found out some pretty scary things about that which are : stroke, damaged nerves and damaged discs.When i went to the chiropractor i remember that i was pretty much terrified of what could happen if he adjusts my spine. The adjustment went "well" so to speak, in that moment i've felt better my posture was better, my neck was longer.However at my way home 4 hours later after the adjustment was made, my neck started to become really stiff, and on the back of my neck, on the left side it started to burn really hard, and i started to panic , like i thought that im going to have a stroke.Since then i had many symptoms: shortness of breath, dizziness, blurred vision, my ears are ringing, sometimes i loose my balance ,some stomach turbulence, brain fog, and i have headaches ( mostly on the left and right side.)I asked my chiropractor about stroke and he told me that if i was to have a stroke i would got it immeadiately after the adjustment was made, or in that day. I asked my phyisiotherapist and he told me that when the adjustments were made it shocked my whole body and thats why i have these symptoms. I recognize that i'm pretty stressed most of the time mostly after the chiropractic visit.Sometimes i fell asleep and i woke up in the middle of the night, an im tired during the day.It's been already one week after the chiropractic adjustmetns and i still feel dizzy, with a lack of balance, my left ear is still ringing, i can't properly think, i have sometimes shortness of breath, and i have sometimes headaches on the left side and the right side of my head.I researched many things and the one thing that stuck with me besides after neck adjustments is the danger of stroke, and restricted arteries which causes blood insufficiency. I have some questions for you guys because im really confused right now. Am i in danger of getting a stroke? It's been already 1 week after the neck adjustments. How fast a stroke develops? Could it be long ? i mean weeks after the adjustments?Could it be that my arteries got restricted and i get smaller quantity of blood to my brain? Are these symptoms related more to anxiety or more related to chiropractic? After one week i still feel dizzy, unbalanced, blurred vision, brain fog, headache, ear ringing, stomach turbulance.. What should i do , think ? Pls help me out, im feeling hopeless right now..
  3. HiI have GAD, but as some of you may know by my posts, dizziness has been with me since July 2015. THis week has been bad for me. Started on Monday I had to see my ENT to have some test done to see about the dizzieness, the dizziness I have is feeling like i'm on a boat, swaying and rocking, the times its bad are when i'm sitting and laying down. I also have the feeling of walking on marshmellos and the floor moving when I'm walking. Well the day of the test i had anxiety but was able to handle it, i had the VNG test and got thru all but the last part, they put the warm air in my right ear and oh my I felt like I was falling and the room was moving it was horrible. So they stopped the test, I went back down to see the doc to get results and the dizziness i had with the test was still there so I took a xanax and that helped. On tuesday got to work sat down at my desk and bam, the feeling of falling and moving hit and I couldn't get it under control, I was so very scared so another 1/2 a xanax and it helped again, it lasted until i got home and i felt it some again, so anxiety again. In the past 2 weeks my left arm has been hurting when i put it in certain positions, let me go back for a minute, I have been have Atlas orthogenal adjustments on my neck since december, i read it can help with headaches, dizziness and neck pain, its a chiropractor thing but not with the bad popping of the neck, they x-ray the neck to see if the C1 which is the atlas bone that holds the head in place is out of place and if so they begin with gentle adjustments that are done with a machine that looks like a gun but it put vibrations in the C1 to put it back in place. So on to yesterday and the arm pain, I called my regular chiropraactor and told him about the atlas stuff and he said come in so we can adjust the arm, and the ATlas doc said it was okay, so I went in and he found my shoulder was out and my upper rib, well he fixed and by the time I got home I think I scared myself thinking oh no what if I messed up my neck, so needless to say the floor was bouncing and when i sat down i felt like i was falling backwards and flipping. I didn't take the xanax instead i put ice on my neck and layed down, I didn't want to keep taking the xanax, I need to get well with the pills. Does all this sound normal with anxiety? I don't know about any of you, but do you ever just feel like you don't know the difference between being sick and anxious anymore. The ENT did say I have vestibular dysfunction and the part of the ear that tells the brain your not moving is stuck in the moving position so the brain thinks i'm moving even when I'm still. He said to take the xanax as needed and we will start therapy in March to retrain the brain to compensate with the ears. The xanax does come down the ear system, but I;ve read taking it can also stop the compensation process. I guess I should just listen to the doc. Today i have an appt with my endocrinologist to see how my thyroid levels are and i'm anxious about that to. Its been so crazy with the levels since Oct when i had the steriod injections for the neck pain, the steriods actually killed the thyriod meds i was taking and the anxiety came back bad. So i think all this crap this week has caused my anxiety to sky rocket, what do you think? I have been nervous since monday when i did the test and the dizziness hit, i have not been able to stop thinking about it. Do you ever do that obsess on one bad thing and then its happening again? I find I obsess about things all the time. It literally takes me months of obsessing before i can let it go. So now i'm having the same falling dizzy feeling i had on monday. i'm so tired, i'm so upset with how i think. I can't go to my psychologist any more coz i cant afford it. so i'm trying to get thru on my own. I find it odd how a mind can focus so hard on things and cause all this fear and worry. Then can go for years with none of this and have one health thing happen and it all comes back. I've been reading some books and doing a workbook on worry and anxiety. I spend alot of time talking to myself, telling myself your ok, it so silly. I'm afraid all the time, the slightest thing about health in myself or anyone will trigger fear, then anxiety and this awful cycle starts. I'm really tired. I pray for help everyday, sometimes i wonder if i'll get thru this, so i'm sad to.anyway thanks for listening
  4. I've been doing good with my anxiety, I actually had a whole week without having any, but that ended today. I was with my cousin and she looked something up on google and she started reading me symptoms of having a heart problem and I immediatly started having anxiety again. I started yelling at her to stop and that I don't want to hear it and she just kept going. I asked her why she was reading that to me when she knows I get anxiety about that stuff and all she said was "your fine, you don't have a heart problem" and I was like still just stop and so finally she did, but I still had anxiety. I hung out with her for a couple more hours and I ended up getting distracted so the anxiety thankfully didn't last long. But now it's coming back again and I'm feeling light headed/dizzy, and I'm mad because I was on such a good streak and then this has to happen and I know I'm just going to go back to having anxiety every night. I will say the symptoms aren't as bad as they have been, but my head feels so weird and I know I can't sleep with it feeling like this. I can feel a headache coming on and also I feel kind of warm, like a stuffy sweaty feeling even though it's only 10 degrees where I live. Is this normal for anxiety? It's almost like I feel suffocated in my clothes and just my room in general.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd share my story with you. I recently became agoraphobic and homebound this past October. It started after I had a major panic attack on the freeway going to school, so since then I've been homebound. Just recently I've been going on short walks (a couple houses down) outside and even been able to sit in my truck and start it for a few minutes. Though I'm happy I'm able to go outside somewhat, I still feel very impatient and feel like I shouldn't be this way; like tomorrow will be the day I snap out of this horrible funk. During the day (inside), I have highs and lows. There's times when I'm excited because I drove the car a little further or walked a few more houses down. But usually somewhere in the day, there's that dreaded despair (depressed feeling really). Sometimes it lasts a little while, other days it'll linger most of day. I'm not sure what other people in this situation have gone through, but any advice or comments would be nice Plus, I just got sick yesterday, so it makes it even harder to try to feel better when attempting to go out :/ -Nate