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  1. This is my worry can anybody give me any advice will I need a passport for the pub?
  2. At the moment I have daily anxiety where I feel weak or get hunger and worry I will die. I often feel spaced out or weak and panicy. For months I had some ocd or solipsism worries however this is my latest fear. Each day I worry I will die I have this fear every day how can I deal with these fears? I emailed my therapist I seen last year however I have twice been ignored.
  3. Im worried I never did the washing and everything is dirty and got urge to throw away clothes airers and worried everywhere the clothes are contaminated the drawers ect and raidaotor.Now the washing was mostly wet and I’m sure there was less powder but this hasn’t been enough to reassure me.I threw away airers a few weeks back as they were in a room which I was redecorating and was worried they went near the wash basket well I had a thought they might be but these faulse thoughts make me throw away too.I don’t use my camera much, worried the tv was near dirty washing, ties, jackets I just get these thoughts.Can anybody reassure me not to re buy more clothes airers?
  4. I want to book a flight but I'm too anxious as it's a two hour flight. I managed one in Jan this year first time in 4 year but I was anxious about it..
  5. I'm 28 but but for years I've decided every birthday over that is considered old maybe older people don't agree but when your younger it's old. Being over 30 will be depressing anybody else feel this way?
  6. A glass smashed on my floor and I'm worried some got in the chip pan. There's a mesh basket so it may be ok but what if I eat glass? I can't clean it out as I only cleaned it yesterday. The whole glass never smashed just some chips and one landed near my kettle but what if some went on the fryer as it's also close by?
  7. Can anybody give me any advice? I'm keen on using bleach so I use other bathroom cleaners. I clean the toilet once a week but it still has an odour. It's a damp musty smell. The bathroom floor always gets wet when I come in and out shower so it smells damp usually. How can I get rid of the smell? Opening windows only helps a bit they can't be open all the time? Should I invest in some hard plastic tiles or normal tiles to stop having the vinyl which could be causing a smell? Also the bathroom gets loads of mould but I do open the windows and clean and repaint it. I use to wet my parents bathroom floor but it never had a smell. The new vinyl was put in top of the old slicky floor tiles so maybe that has not helped? I ripped up the floor and there's 3 old vinyl floors and plywood could it be the old vinyl that's getting wet and smelling? I was going to rip it up and put new plywood down?
  8. A swarm of 200 flying ants came into my house and some on my clothes. Now I want to throw them away as I could get ants on me even after washing?
  9. I experienced this again today but only mild however when I had a breakdown last year I got into a panic where I noticed signs, safe colours red and blue being safe red unsafe. I also became spirited and worried about spirits and couldn't take to everybody as I worried they gave off negative engery.I started googling affirmations too and worried my life became a fix. Just wondered if anybody else with anxiety ever suffered these symptoms? A year on I felt a lot of questions remain unanswered and I questioned the meaning of life and it was all very confusing. In the end I gave up and my life became normal again. I have no idea where it all came from. I know illnesses like bipolar can mean you end up going all religious so maybe that never helped. I had moments where my heart would beat fast and i worried I would die and I rushed for chocolate. So can anybody make sense off this? It made me also wonder if you were old your mind could just give up so it makes you wonder how much the mind soul is connected with anxiety and the mind?
  10. Worried about a dirty wash basket I have OCD I always wash my hands after touching the wash basket I come in and out the shower and worry toilet water or bits of toilet paper get on the towels so they are dirty. I'm getting new windows in and the guy touched my wash basket and put wood surrounds on the carpet near the basket. I'm now worried as I know he wouldn't have washed his hands so now the windows are contaminated as he touched them. Sadly i couldn't take the day off work so I had this issue had I been here it was avoidable. I can't throw the windows away but I may need to keep washing my hands after touching them. This the problem with people coming to my house now I'm stressed anybody help?
  11. I have a red sort of spot on my testiciles should I worry? I've been panicking as I read symptoms of something serious are not that noticeable? I went for a shower today and noticed it less maybe it's going down?