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  1. They just don't understand my health anxiety. They also don,t social distance which makes it worse if i have to spend time indoors with them during the holidays. They are now trying to guilt me because i have not visited my sister who has alzheimer's. She does not truly understand the virus. It breaks my heart. I want to be there so bad but they do not take this virus seriously they have friends come in the house my niece flew in from out of state to spend time with them which i think was careless. My other niece brings the kids over to my sisters house who go to school and are around a lot of people then they tell me its clean there. I just don't get why they don't understand my worry. I worry about there health also. This is making me very depressed. I don't know where to turn or what to do. I feel like they will press me more and more as the holidays get closer. They think my sister will get better or something if i see her which she will not. I told them in a few months when the vaccine is out i will be there. I feel they are all mad at me. My fear of Covid is so strong i just stay home and away from people. my depression is getting worse day by day i appreciate the responses. Am i wrong on trying to stay safe and should i let them guilt me ? Thank you all for your responses I also been having severe muscle tightness and spasms due to my anxiety i just hope my mind just does not start telling me it's something else soon . I also have recurring dreams that i am in a store and then realize i don't have a mask on and wake up with severe anxiety. This is just horrible
  2. Hi all like most here with health anxiety Covid has been a complete nightmare. i have left my apartment like only six times in the last 7 months and do not want to be around anyone not even family. My family does not understand heath anxiety and are starting to make me feel guilty for not visiting them . It will only get worse as more time passes and especially when the holidays get here. I want to visit but just can not. Anyone else going though this ?