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  1. I get the white coat syndrome as well. BP is normal all the time except for when I go to the Dr. Its even been going up lately when my kids have to go to the Dr. I can feel it as well and can tell when it's high before they check it. Not sure what to do about it, other than not go to the Dr unless I have to. Or, I have considered maybe going more often would help cause I'd get used to it. Who knows?
  2. I get anxiety in the morning a lot too. Just not knowing what the day holds can be scary. When I have time to exercise in the morning it helps, along with prayer.
  3. Great news Molly! Praying you feel better soon!
  4. Sounds like you and I are in the same boat LOL! The wonders of perimenopause. Glad it was nothing serious.
  5. I would take it as they didn't see anything so they have no reason to call you. What I've always heard is, when they see bad things, they call you quickly. You might get some info if you call the office tomorrow and just ask about it. I have done that before and depending on who you talk to, you may get a lot of info that way. It is horrible to wait, I know.
  6. You are brave just for going to get it done. Be proud of yourself for that!
  7. Sometimes acting calm is all we can manage. So understandable! Let us know what you find out. Praying for good results!
  8. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Just trim 'em next time. My dad has been pulling out one particularly stubborn nose hair of his for approximately 40 years now(that I know of) and he has never, ever had a problem. I always wondered how he could stand to do that. Makes my eyes water just thinking about it 😂
  9. Leah, I really hate to get tests, imaging, or any of that stuff. It would be fine and dandy if it was always normal, right? I think anxiety tries to tell us that results will only either be "normal" or "incurable". I think the hardest thing is to realize that there's a whole lot of stuff between "normal" and "incurable". We are all believing the best for you. It may be a challenging few days but know that you are not alone!
  10. Yes, a friend of mine said she ruptured her eardrum and this is how it happened for her.
  11. Sounds like wax or fluid to me. I would go to the appointment so they can clean it out if its wax.
  12. I'm glad you are going to the Dr about this, not because I think anything is wrong, but just because it will make you feel better. I finally went cause I was tired of worrying about it. My spotting had almost stopped at that point but I went anyway instead of cancelling cause I wanted to be able to stop thinking about it. Let us know how it goes! Praying for you!
  13. This is exactly what I was doing also on the spotting only days. From what I read online and talking to people I know its pretty common.
  14. This happens to me when I go to the Dr. Its just cause I am there. Probably the same for you. Or, if you are ill or have a fever, that can cause your HR to be high as well. If the Dr would have been concerned, I bet he/she would have ordered additional testing.
  15. I am sorry you're dealing with this because I know how frustrating it is. This month, I thought I was only 2 days late for my period. Then I started light bleeding and spotting. I thought I was about to start my normal period, but no. I had no cramping, which never happens for me. That went on for 11 days. Then, I started my real period with cramping and all on day 12. So I was actually 14 days late. That went on for 3 days, then stopped for a day, spotted another day, then stopped a day, and finally spotted the last day. So all total, it was about 18 days. Had an ultrasound, was normal, exam was normal. It ended up just being hormones and stress evidently. She said it can be caused by polyps and fibroids also, but I didn't have either. I am 42 and I have had perimenopause symptoms, including the irregular periods on and off since I was about your age. My Dr at the time told me I was too young. But I stopped seeing him and went to a NP. She told me I wasn't too young because she herself went through full menopause at 43. It helps to have a practitioner who can empathize with you. I am glad I went in and had the ultrasound because even though it made my HA skyrocket, after it was over I could finally stop thinking about it all the time. Praying you get some relief soon!
  16. I have had 3 or 4 atypical moles removed years ago. They were definitely not cancer. Believe me, they know in an instant what melanoma looks like under the microscope and they will call the Dr back ASAP if it is. My sister in law had a melanoma on her face 16 years ago. She was only 17 years old then. She had it biopsied one afternoon and the very next day, the Dr himself called her mother and told her. Also, he told her, "its melanoma," not "its atypical." She is fine, by the way, and is now a pediatric dentist. However, after her melanoma, I became obsessed with melanoma too. That's a bad thing because I have a lot of moles. I don't worry about it anymore though. I moved on to other things.😜 In my opinion, if they thought it was dangerous, you wouldn't be going back in a month, they'd be wanting you back in now. So please try not to stress about it. I know that's easier said than done. Praying for some relaxation for you tonight!
  17. Whew, Ultrasound and exam were normal, praise the Lord!!! She said she saw nothing, that it's probably just fluctuating hormones at my age, and stress. And that if you don't ovulate, which I don't think I did, you can have spotting. Now, I will tell you why I freaked out over the ultrasound tech. She asked if I have anyone with me and what Dr am I seeing. Well in my mind I thought...she saw something bad and she hoped I had someone with me when they deliver the bad news, and that she was about to call the person I had my appointment with to tell them she saw something bad. That's how my mind works! Now I know that she asked me that because this practice has several different waiting rooms depending on who you are seeing and she needed to know who my appointment was with so she could lead me the right way, thru a different door than I came in. And if I had someone with me, they would need to know where I was. That's why she asked me that. I knew that logically but my mind was screaming, "Catastrophe!!!! Anyway, it is behind me, and I learned a little more about myself. Thank you all for helping me through this! You all are awesome.
  18. This is why I hate to come to the Dr. They say something and I'm freaking out.
  19. Just had ultrasound, she asked me if I had anyone with me after it, and who my appointment is with. Now I'm freaking out.
  20. Thanks Jennie! Yeah the last time I went to one Dr, they even had one in the exam room! I'm like...why?! I can't get away from it LOL! Probably had one in the bathroom too.
  21. Praying for good results! Waiting is the worst.
  22. Thanks Jonathan, those are some great points. I need to think about why I am anxious to begin with. I am here waiting for my ultrasound now, so praying for good results. I'm nervous, but like Molly said, just accepting that I am anxious and it can't hurt me. It's just a feeling. I will say this...I dont like the new trend around here of playing videos in the waiting room about health. That doesn't help things. The TV is talking about this disease and that disease. I'm sure if you dont have HA it is fine, but I don't appreciate it at all😝
  23. Thanks Molly! I am trying to keep a positive attitude about it all. I try to think: we all have to do things we don't want to do, such as going to the Dr., and make myself do it anyway. Just part of being an adult is what I tell myself. Even though it is so hard when you have HA. I noticed some people with HA go to the Dr. all the time. I am the opposite, I try to never go. I was proud of myself for moving this appointment up 2 days. Normally I would keep waiting and cancel at the last minute. That is a funny way to deal with HA, to name it and argue with it. I think I'll try it! While I'm waiting today at the gyno, I can think of a name for my HA😂
  24. Oh yes, I've had that 2 or 3 times in the past 3 years or so. It will be a 15 day cycle or something instead of 20 something days. I'm 42. I am not sure why, but it has happened to me. The next month, it would be normal again.