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  1. Yes! It’s in my right foot and right thigh. I’ve never experienced it before. Going on day 3. It’s just annoying. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one experiencing something like this. I have no other symptoms
  2. My chest started feeling tight too last night I was like great here we go -__- I'm with you, I've been so proud of myself for finally letting go of the fear of the big diseases. I just want this bizarre vibrating to go away.
  3. Yeah! That's what mine feels like. so strange. I thought I had just about every symptom of anxiety possible but this one is new if that's what it is! :/
  4. Hey guys! I'm happy to report I got out of the ALS rabbit hole. I noticed the majority of my symptoms have disappeared. But the last 2 days I've had this very strange sensations of vibrations in my feet/legs. It feels like there is a cell phone under my skin and it keeps going off...please tell me others have had this issue and it's anxiety related???
  5. It feels like I cut it with a razor it’s a little rigid feeling
  6. Thank you for replying! I’ve just been slightly concerned.
  7. Hey guys. So I’ve noticed this spot on my leg for over a month now that hasn’t gone away. It’s flat. But my left leg has been sore for no reason for about 2 weeks. Does this look like possible skin cancer?
  8. Do you get it both sides? Mine is just my left leg
  9. Have y’all got twitches in your shoulders?
  10. Yeah I was telling someone else it feels like I just did leg day and did tons of calf raises and leg presses
  11. Yeah I’ve pretty much put my fears of twitching to bed only bc I’ve always had twitching when I get anxious. For me it’s just the muscle cramping/soreness in my legs
  12. Of all the research I’ve done with als, I’ve pretty much learned (especially with people younger than like 40) is their first symptoms were just general lack of coordination or they tried doing something like standing up on a snowboard and they couldn’t. Everything you and I have compared and talked about symptom wise wasn’t mentioned in their first symptom. Twitching does happen as early symptoms SOMETIMES but twitching also stems from dozens of other issues. I totally sympathize with you, I’m nervous as well but I think we both know deep down, we don’t have ALS. Our anxious minds are trying to tell us otherwise. I personally can’t wait until I get my emg over with just so I can relax.
  13. Ok good haha I know basic anxiety symptoms but this is a new one for me. It seems it comes in all forms all over my body recently. It really threw me off. Like I did 100 calf raises and leg presses 😑
  14. Hey guys. This may be a rhetorical questions but has anyone had anxiety symptoms relating to weakness in legs and cramping in legs? It feels like I just did leg day. Just feels sore/cramping. I have twitching as well. Just wanna see if anyone else on here has had these symptoms as well?
  15. Same. Even as I'm typing this, i've lost strength in my hand grip and it's tingling. I know ALS doesn't involve any tingling but I'm still worried.