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  1. I’ve been thinking that too. My twitches aren’t as intense but they’re still there. Just started getting twitches on my jaw. My arms still are weaker. For example before all this I could lift 30lb dumbbells no problem. I struggle with 15lbs now. I’ve always been skinny but I’ve been toned. And the thing is my family has noticed it too. Haven’t mentioned it to the doc cause I haven’t lost weight, so they’ll disregard it. I’m trying not to make a big deal out of it but it’s kinda scary. But everyday I wake up and can walk and go to work I’m grateful for. Trying to live in the present(even though these symptoms are affecting how I do things) and not worry about what lies ahead tomorrow or in the future.
  2. Hi Holls, thanks for reading, and glad to hear your symptoms resolved! I’ve had a lot of bloodwork done actually. Had one for Lyme, blood count, creatine kinase, vitamin b and a lot of other stuff and all came back normal. Which I’m thankful for. It’s just frustrating because they say I’m healthy but my body doesn’t feel that way. Especially with the facial numbness and twitching and pain. I just don’t know how I got blindsided by these symptoms. I was doing pretty well with everything before they started. Nothing tramautic happened, and I wasn’t under a lot of stress or put in any situations where I felt anxious. I was actually feeling pretty good. It’s just scary cause I’m fairly young, and most people my age don’t go through pain like this or have these symptoms. But I guess I have to take it one day at a time .
  3. Hi Everyone! I am new to the forum, and just reading through all the posts it’s crazy to see how many people are going through what I am. My symptoms started almost 4 months ago. With my leg going numb, like it fell asleep. Then it was followed by pain and heaviness for the next 3 weeks. Kind of felt like my leg was a lead pipe when walking and I got punched in my thigh. After that my face and arms started getting that numbness. Leading up to this point I wasn’t really stressed or anxious about anything. 2018 was one of my better years. I went to the ER for the facial and arm numbness, I got a brain MRI and it came back normal(thankful for that). But a couple weeks after that I started getting twitches around my body, my arms felt really fatigued. I’ve had these buzzing sensations in my hands, feet and legs. Like internal vibrations. My wrists, ankles and fingers felt like I had really bad arthritis(sharp stabbing pains). I have also had tremors/shakes mostly when I first wake up. I saw a neurologist when the twitching started. He just did a reflex test and said I’m fine and it’s probably just anxiety or stress. No EMG done, no spine MRI. Said the twitches shouldn’t be of concern nor the tremors. It’s hard for me to chalk it all up to anxiety and stress. At first I feared it was MS when the numbness started, and when the twitching and tremors started I feared it was MND or Parkinson’s. I’ve never really been an anxious person growing up. And health scares in the past I got over it quick. But this has been persistent. My family mentioned it looks like I lost muscle, I’m not as toned as I was a couple months ago. My left armlooks smaller than my right. And my hands look more skinny than in the past. I feel like I’ve gotten weaker. I can’t lift as heavy as I use to. It’s hard for me to play video games and piano(my hands just get fatigued quick) which sucks cause I love playing both. I know mnd is about failing not feeling. So I try to convince myself of that everyday. It just sucks cause I’m not able to do what I was able to do 5 months ago. I just want to get on with life but when my symptoms flare up I start to get anxious. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences and if your symptoms eventually went away. Thanks for taking the time to read this.