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  1. Sadly, anxiety causes all sorts of symptoms. Twitching is almost ALWAYS benign. It comes on strong when we are afraid of its cause. I twitched bad for a year. Sometimes crying in bed from fear. Once I realized it was nothing but anxiety, it went away. It took time though. If you can walk up a set of stairs, hold a coffee mug, do a push-up, pick up a toddler, etc... then you DO NOT have what you fear. Twitching is 99.9% of the time absolutely nothing but stress. Also, after bad anxiety I would always have a lot of pain. Your muscles tense up under severe stress. Fear not. You are fine.
  2. It’s starting to wear on me. Yesterday all of it was gone except my right foot which has bothered me off and on for about a week. Today, after a walk, all of them are bad. Starting to fear MS or something. The dumb thing is that I JUST got over my fear of throat and mouth problems. So naturally this starts up. I have been taking Nexium for several weeks and another PPI for a few months before that. I’m wondering if it is magnesium deficiency which can be caused by those drugs AND can cause these symptoms. Anyone else experiences this type of stuff? Just looking for some peace. Thanks.
  3. If it was really something though she would have immediately done something. The fact she didn’t means she is not at all concerned. They have to tell you to watch it. Don’t let it concern you until it’s actually something.
  4. Oh my word yes. I’m 35 and I just recently got over my mouth fears. I had white spots, hard spots, pain, inflammation, etc. All normal mouth sores. Doctors and dentists both didn’t find anything wrong. Big thing to remember is it isn’t going to be a subtle little thing. What your fearing is obvious. So obvious that you know you need to get checked. Our anxiety blows up tiny little nothings into huge deals. Not to mention mouth cancer is incredibly rare. VERY certain you’re fine. Rest easy and just wait for that good visit. 🤪🙂
  5. Ya. Definitely could be that too. I’m just assuming it’s related to my lack of sleeping and stress as a result. Going on vacation tomorrow. Hopefully get lots of sleep this week. 👌🏻👌🏻
  6. For 5 or so days I’ve had an odd tingle feeling as though something is brushing my foot in a specific spot. Today similar feelings appeared higher on my leg, in a pinky on my hand, and now some in my other foot. They sudden onset makes me think it’s linked to sleeping very little the last week or so. Going to bed late. Up early. And stress with poor diet. Anyone else experience this? Thanks.
  7. I’ve had a weird tingling-ish sensation in my foot for about a week. It comes and goes sometimes. If I wear socks I barely notice it. As of today it has shown up in my hands and other foot some now too. I’m pretty sure it’s because I have not been sleeping much lately. And stress. Don’t let your mind feed on it. It will only get worse.
  8. I just had a follow up appointment for a root canal from a year ago. I had to go back to an endo’s office. He did a full mouth check, which I was not expecting. He said it all looked good. I hadn’t thought about my mouth for a week. All the symptoms have gone. Another crazy thing my mind created. Good news though. Anxiety free for now guys. Hope you’re all doing well.
  9. Been there. You don’t have anything. Ignore it and once you can convince yourself that you’re fine... it’ll go away. I twitched for a full year and was CERTAIN I had ALS. Now a year later... I’m fine. I get pinpricks all over my body in times of high stress and long after. The twitching doesn’t really come anymore because I realized how silly I was. So my mind doesn’t try that anymore because I don’t fear it. First step... STOP GOOGLING! It will always tell you you’re dying. There is never a good outcome there. It will always cause your anxiety to worsen. Just don’t do it. Second step... distract yourself and try things to lessen symptoms. Take warm salt baths. Eat foods high in magnesium, like bananas. Go out and do something fun. Play video games. Just stop thinking about your irrational fear. You’ll start to notice the symptoms disappear when you are busy. That’s a huge sign that it’s your mind doing it. Try these things and enjoy the peace that follows. You. Are. Fine. Trust me. I’ve literally been where you are so many times. I’ve always been fine. You’re kind is powerful and can manifest whatever you think is wrong. Don’t give it the time of day.
  10. I just left the dentist. He did the tongue and mouth check and didn’t say a word about it. He was more concerned with a crown I need to get. I figure I’m solid at this point. Had a doctor look at my tongue and mouth/throat with no red flags. A few months later now a dentist. Let the anxiety be gone!!! 😁
  11. I would even say that most physical issues are nothing to be concerned about. Unfortunately anxiety causes us to focus on them so much that they become big huge deals in our mind. I’m pretty certain I’m fine. Hoping that this medication change will stop all of this from happening. Thanks.
  12. My tongue has been inflamed a lot over the past few days and causing more anxiety, as always. This time around though I think I may have figured out why. I've been on Omeprazole for the several months now. Both over the counter and perscription. I have noticed my tongue stuff getting worse as I went to strong dosages. I think this is the reason why... (see attachment) B12 deficiency can cause inflammation of the tongue. I have definitely had a lot of the other symptoms as well, except the menstruation. 😛 I am going to stop the Omeprazole entirely for now and see how things go. I don't think I need it anymore anyway. I am doing a lot better in acid reflux and esophagus spasms anyway, which they were for. Once I realized anxiety was doing a lot of it, they have almost completely gone away. I am almost two full months into the three month prescription and I believe it has done it's job for now. I am hopeful this will now resolve. Thanks for caring guys. 🙂
  13. The best thing you can do is get people around you. People who know you, love you, and encourage you. The right kind of people. There is no shame in feeling depressed or down, especially with the world today. There is so much beauty in our world and you are part of that beauty. You are unique and intricate. Nothing and no one is like you are. Trust me, better days are coming. I will pray for you today.
  14. I appreciate your input. No ALS fears. I kicked those long ago and realize how stupid they truly were. My worries are more cancer of the mouth. The funny thing is I have literally no symptoms. I feel like I am grasping at straws for "white sores" when really this is likely just normal abrasion from my teeth on the back of my tongue. If there was something there though I assume the doctor, who looked at my throat and tongue, would have noticed something and pointed it out. In fact, she said "it looks fine, I don't even think it looks more red than it should." She wasn't looking at these spots specifically but would have seen them if there was a concern. I will try to ignore it and see if I can just find peace again. Funny thing is that as I have focused on the back of my tongue, (which I can't feel by the way, I just see it in the mirror and started freaking), the inflamed feeling on the tip of my tongue is mysteriously absent. I HATE ANXIETY.
  15. I brought up months ago that my tongue had some inflammation. That comes and goes still to this day. Thought it doesn't worry me as much these days. I am learning that checking myself in the mirror is as bad as googling symptoms. I have been looking and focusing on my tongue WAY TOO MUCH and so the issues never seem to fully go away. The newest thing is I am starting to notice little white(ish) patches near the back of my tongue on both sides. This may very well be normal as I have never focused on that area before now so of course... everything seems foreign. The bad part is that the only reason I am focusing on them is from a google search from months ago. (This is why we must never google search, results stay in our minds for a LONG time) There is no effect on anything, I can't even feel that stuff, I just saw it in the mirror. I went to the doctor for my throat spasm issues about a month ago and she looked at my tongue as well. She said it looked fine if not a bit dry. She even said it didn't seem inflamed which makes me think my mind is creating that as well. (The throat spasms have almost disappeared once I stopped focusing on them and believed they were nothing) I told her the dryness was because I was at the doctor and that gives me anxiety. I know I need to trust the doctor and move on, but it is hard some times. I have a dentist appointment on August 14 and I am scared that when he checks my mouth for any cancer signs, that he is going to mention my tongue. I wanted to post a picture of what I am referring to with my tongue and get some feedback from fellow sufferers. Do you guys have similar stuff or do I need to be concerned? Am I just looking for problems at this point? Someone talk me out of this chaos. Thanks.
  16. I just had this a few months back myself. Hemorrhoids can come on from all kinds of things. Diet, bowel movements, stress, physical exertion, etc. I put hazel and Tucks cream on them and they slowly shrank and went away. Rest assured, if it was cancer it would not have come on this fast. It is definitely hemorrhoids. You are fine!
  17. Doctor is convinced it’s esophageal spasms. Common. Especially for high stress, anxiety, and poor posture. Which I have all of right now working at home. The things I do that work to relieve it she said fall right in line with that prognosis. No red flags and she isn’t concerned about it. Basically, if something major changes then come back. Now I need to get it to move along. 👍🏻👍🏻
  18. I set an appointment with a general doctor for July 10th. Then my normal doctor's office called me just now and told me they can get me in today to look over things and determine if I need to be referred. Hopefully I will have a little more information this afternoon. Thank you again for your response.
  19. Great reminder that we HAVE to learn to live with the unknown every day and be okay with it. I can spend all of my time worried I’m dying or enjoy life regardless of if I am or not. I actually find comfort in the fact that we’ll all die eventually... I may or may not have a expedited ticket to heaven is all. ☺️ Anxiety makes us think so weird man.
  20. While I’m not in the exact same situation... I’m right here with you tonight. I’ve had a feeling like something in my lower esophagus for months now. It worsens and lessen but I’m scared to death it’s cancer of some kind. I have two little boys under 4. I’m scared to death to leave them and their mom. This week has been bad with anxiety but today especially... I’m low. Convinced it’s the worst case. I can’t even get into a doctor for almost two weeks. And that would be the first initial visit, not even testing. 😢 I don’t know how to get out of this anxiety. I will say a prayer for you as I continue to seek peace. I hope you can find peace.
  21. What you are describing sounds like my own issue. I am just too nervous to set up an appointment in case they find something worse. It is also a 2 week wait to get into a doctor right now anyway. 😕 This sucks.
  22. This feeling of something in my throat behind my breast bone (lower esophagus) came on several months ago when I was having anxiety over some throat pain while swallowing. That pain was short lived and went away long ago. I was downing essential oils like crazy trying to heal whatever it was. I then started feeling this feeling like something was in my lower esophagus. It almost feels like a muscle as my back around that spot bothers me too at times. It does not cause any swallowing issues and there is nothing else wrong except this feeling constantly there and a slight gurgle often when I swallow, likely from trapped air. If I eat too much as once I have trouble keeping food and acid from coming back up also... which could be from my esophagus not closing entirely. There are days when it goes away, usually if I am having anxiety over something else. This leads me to believe that it is being caused by anxiety and possibly some irritation from the constant oils. I stopped oils and I am trying to relax and ignore it so see if it will go away on its own. Going to the doctor gives me more anxiety than living with it. I have had acid reflux issues in the past though it has not bothered me recently. Has anyone else experienced this type of thing or had a Hiatal Hernia? I am hoping to deal with it mentally so the physical will follow. Thanks.
  23. Yea, SUPER common. This happens to me on a semi regular basis. Usually I did something I forgot about, or while I was sleeping, etc. They are very sensitive by nature and anything can cause this to happen. Nothing to be concerned about.
  24. So I have had days where it seems totally gone. I don't feel it and don't think about it much. Super annoying. It has mostly moved to under my tongue. It is just red and has a few small sore-like spots that come and go, move around. It is dumb. Anyone else ever have this type of thing? I am trying to get ahead of anxiety this time. Thanks.
  25. Word. @Jremtx nailed it. I gave a year of my life to fear over this too. Looking back.... it’s silly. I understand the fear though. This forum was a game changer. Trust the people here. They’re right.