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  1. Yeah Hot Mess, my wife was telling me I was probably having a bad dream but I didn't remember having one. Thank you Lyra.
  2. I get anxious and have palpitations after I eat. Try eating smaller meals and chew thoroughly so your stomach doesn't have to work as hard to digest.
  3. Hey nate, This just started all off a sudden. I haven't had anything like this in month s. And the different thing tg is time were that my neck and head were involved.
  4. So Sunday morning I woke up at 2am with my heart pounding, racing, beating erratic and I felt it in my neck and ears and head. Very frightening for about an hour. I had to take my clonopin and a metoprolol. Evntually it subsided but I've been screwy all day. Sucks!
  5. Hey Vicky, sorry you are having such a rough time. I do know how you feel though and you are doing the right thing by going to see the doctor. Have you had your thyroid checked? It's possible you might have a thyroid issue. Good luck.
  6. Same here Morgan. With the exception of the occasional coke, I havent had any caffeine in like 15 years. I remember onece also I was eating a burger and halfway through my heart just took off for no apparent reason and I ended up in the er. It sucks. And by the time I got there it was gone. And only live 1 1/2 miles down the street from the hospital.
  7. I have felt the same way for a long time now. Years in fact. Basically you are just here but that's it, you don't feel anything else.
  8. Yes, that's happened to me also. You're just sitting there minding your own business and your heart rate takes off. It's just the anxiety. I've gone to the ER so many times because of it just to find out there is nothing wrong with me.
  9. Hi street, First, if you haven't yet, get checked out by a doctor to make sure that your chest pain is not serious. Obviously the problem doesn't seem to be you. If you need to care for your father, your girlfriend needs to understand how important it is. Now I'm no specialist in these kind of matters. So all I can say is what I said before, get checked out.
  10. Hey vicky. Sorry to hear that. It really sucks when they happen at work. It happens to me sometimes. Try not to worry about the next one. They cant hurt you and you'll just be causing yourself unnecessary anxiety.
  11. Hi Beepee. Currently I'm on medications and seeing a psychologist for therapy. It seems to be working ok. I haven't had any full blown panic attacks but I still have the general all day anxiety. That has gotten a little better.
  12. Hi ehfoa. I'm sorru about what yiu are going through. I cannot relate with the ptsd part but I can with the symptoms. I have GAD and pretty much have all the symptoms you described.
  13. Awesome news arrow. Good job, you made it. Just forget about that a-hole and relax.
  14. Good job spider. You did very well and you obviously have an awesome therapist.