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  1. Starting to feel anxious, going to try and clean up the living room. It sounds so little... before this all starting kicking in i was a clean freak. But lately... I've let it go. Sooo maybe it'll calm me down a little. Then It's shhowwer time! Please let this pass.

  2. Been an alright day, almost time to lay down. Actually found some energy and cleaned the bathroom today.

  3. Hey worried WorriedJayHawk, it's crazy that i came across your post because last night while my anxiety started to kick in i too was having weird pains in my jaw. I do have TMJ but i don't notice it much. But last night it was like a dull throbbing. While showering i noticed it died down and i brushed real good when i got out. It happened earlier today also, as i started to get worked up over something. After your appointment you should let us know the conclusion, because if it's not some side affect of anxiety, then i think i need an appointment also!
  4. I'll have to look for it and try it out. I'm not on medication yet either... I do have a couple of ativans the doctor gave me from my hospital visit tucked away but she suggested that i hang on to them in case i have an attack like i did the night i went in. I will look though and if i try it out i'll let you know lol sometimes i feel like that too when i'm describing things to people! Well, i think i'm due for a hot shower. Tomorrow i have decided to try and get up and go to church. I haven't went in years but... i always felt so relaxed when i would go (So relaxed i would often start to fall asleep haha) so i think i might check it out, get out of the house and try something different. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Thanks Gilly, last night was pretty rough, i ended up being up till 4:30. worrying and over analyzing. i knew what was going on so i got up and hopped on here, fooled around on the internet for awhile. After i was finally tired enough i was able to fall asleep.
  6. I can just feel my throat swelling....

  7. Today was actually a really good day, all day... Then sure enough just like every night the last two weeks, I get ready for bed. I start sweating, my chest starts hurting, the muscles in my arms start to ache, dizzy.... And again I start thinking about going to the hospital, wanting to go to the hospital. I feel like I should be in a facility, and i would check myself in if it weren't for my little girl. I don't know where to vent.... there is so much more than the anxiety going on.... If i don't clean, who'll clean? If i don't give her a bath, who'll give her a bath? If i don't play with her, who'll play with her? Who'll keep up the good spirit and make her laugh and tell her she's beautiful, or tell her she's a princess.... or drink 60 cups of pretend tea with her? I feel like everything just adds up and adds up and the answers i get are "if you need help all you have to do is ask." But... why do i have to ask? why do i have to say any thing at all? You should just do it to do it. I feel like i'm going crazy, i feel like i'm failing but i don't want to fail. I'm trying so hard to stay positive and bright and i feel like my light is just going out. and that no one understands....... ....i just wanted to go to sleep....
  8. Now that i'm showered i feel much better! Time to hit the hay as they say. Tomorrow is a new day!

  9. fcoll 9123 I Private Messaged you. Gogoatgo, yes i love the mythology too! Like i said season 9 is getting a little complicated with all the heaven story lines they have going on but its still pretty good, i just hope they find a way to kind of get back into the basic story line but Seasons 4-6 were my favorite for sure! Do you have a favorite episode that you can remember?
  10. I LOOOOOOOOOOVED this movie, laughed through almost all of it. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were AMAZING. The scene where he was looking for his wedding video and woke his parents up, and the fight that ensued.... oommgg i was laughing so hard it was ridiculous! =)
  11. I've been addicted to this now for a couple of years.Good story line, although this past year i feel like they've dragged on the whole heaven bit of things for too long. I like getting up in the morning and watching old reruns while i wake up. I like how in the episodes they always make referances to other movies, shows, characters in history that type of thing. I feel like each time i watch there is always something to google. Plus add in a bit of the paranormal stuff and i'm there!...and how could you not resist dean? =) Anyone else watch this?
  12. Starting to feel a little down tonight... i feel like no one including myself even knows me anymore.... i wish i could rewind time and be 16 again, when all i had to worry about was what to wear to school tomorrow, and passing notes in class. Sounds silly, but thats how i feel.

  13. yes... it was actually shortly after dinner and i had been drinking water all day! I've actually been drinking it alot more bc i'm trying to not drink caffeine since i had that attack last week. Every time these things start up i just want to go straight to the hospital. I just want to have tests ran on me daily... just to prove to myself there isn't anything bc i keep thinking that something is. Something undiagnosed, something someone missed, that i'm going to die from. I feel safest when i'm there bc things can be explaine to me. But i know that isn't the case.... it's the anxiety. I like to shower too lately when i start to feel like this. It takes my mind off of everything and puts me in the moment. Thank You everyone.... i appreciate the answers, it really helps.
  14. Thanks, yeah thats what i did a few minutes ago. Just went into the bathroom and started taking a couple deep breaths. It does seem to help, i just read an article under the recommended posts about "nerve x" and how you can strengthen that through breathing. I didn't know that. But i've definetly got to get a routine down for myself. Thank You!
  15. After having a pretty good day at home, cooking dinner, and watching the lion king for the first time with my tater tot, i was in the kitchen peeling her an apple when suddenly my chest began pounding. It felt like a heart pounding but instead of being on the left side it was right in the middle. Has any one else expieranced this? I stopped what i was doing and told my sister if anything were to happen to call 911 right away.... Part of one of my fears is that we are almost 30 minutes away from the nearest hospital, and i'm afraid of driving fast. So having one of them drive me to the hospital scares me, bc i think we'll get into a wreck. And at the same time for some reason i'm afraid i'll stop breathing before the ambulance is able to get to me. Also, when i'm already feeling like this the people in my household seem to ignore this fact that i feel like i'm suffocating and decide to start asking me all kinds of questions i don't know the answer to. "Is there lotion in the living room?" "Do you know where the big nail clippers are? I need them." without even looking for either by themselves. It seems to just push my limits when i'm already feeling like this. I wish i could live closer to town, if i had the money i'd pack up right now and just move into a house or apartment closer to town, but it's not affordable right now. Does anyone else go through this? or know why it happens? It scares me.... but it seems as though right after i told my sister about 911 it stopped. I was in the ER a few days ago for an anxiety attack and they did a chest xray and took blood work and what not.... everything came back fine, so i have a feeling it's part of my anxiety.