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  1. Thanks guys, there is lots of good material here. I'd say the worst thing about this is knowing full well that there is nothing to be afraid of but still being scared witless and wanting to just hide in a hole somewhere until everybody goes away. If I get an invite to a gathering I actually WANT to go until the time gets near and the closer it gets to the time the more shaky and irrational I get. Thanks again for the welcomes, don't take this the wrong way but being here makes me feel like less of a freak, I mean as in knowing I am among others who are fighting the same demons. :/ tyvm guys.
  2. So, I found this site after finally deciding I needed to do something about my increasing social anxiety. For a guy that used to be the life of the party over the years I have become more and more stressed out when entering into social situations, often to the point of being physically sick. I'm actually feeling my heart hammer now while I type this because just thinking about it is enough to set me off. I'm unsure how to proceed tbh and I guess that's why I am here. I'm happy to see so much reading material here on the subject and I'm going to get started now. Sorry if this post was kind of lame, I don't really know what to do or say and I guess that's part of the problem lol. Okay that's it for now. Tyvm, CC.