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  1. Hi again, I just wanted to know a few things, and see if anyone has gone through/is going through similar issues as I have! Maybe you can help and give advice etc.. Firstly, because it's New Year soon I have decided to finally win the battle with my anxiety and make it my resolution to make my life a little easier! Because of this I was wondering how you all deal/dealt with anxiety? Did you go to the doctors, are you taking pills or are you trying to get through it yourself? I'm not really sure what is the best course of action. I have been to the doctors (it took me around 9 years to get the confidence to do so!) and all they did was throw a questionnaire at me and tell me to answer it, the doctor didn't even look at me in the eye! It made me feel like I was some sort of monster, it was terrible. Anyway I got the pills but they didn't work but I was too worried to go back because the situation was so awkward and made me even more anxious! Have any of you been through a similar situation? Do you find that doctors are good/bad? I am currently trying to pluck up the courage to go again (to a different doctor). Secondly, I have been having problems within my relationship recently, because of my anxiety. We have been together a long time and so I don't believe I should give up on the relationship just yet. My boyfriend knows about my anxiety but is never willing to talk about it. When I start to talk about it I can see him instantly freeze and become uncomfortable. I know it's hard on everyone involved and it's confusing but I'm not sure what to do, if it were him suffering I would look up and research everything possible about his problems and try to help him through, but he refuses! I ask him if he would ever do it, just to get a better view on the situation and he just replies with things such as 'yeah, yeah it's anxiety, you're nervous, what's more to know?'. I was just wondering if anyone has encountered people like this in their life and what they did if they have? He's a great guy, but when it comes to this he just wants to pretend it's not there. He always says it's just a 'phase' I'm going through and 'it'll get better' etc. and he believes it'll just come to an end suddenly (I've suffered with anxiety for around 10 years now). I just want to know how to make him view anxiety a little better, and to not be so scared of it! Can anyone give advise on how to go about this? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your replies! I hope I didn't go on too much!
  2. Yep! I do all of that! I go in in a nice feminine suit and always smile etc and ask a tonne of questions at the end, I think it's just my nerves! I always shake and stumble on words etc, is that something that would really matter to an interviewer?
  3. So, I've recently moved to a new country and so I'm unemployed. I had a job as a waitress for a few weeks but had to leave due to my social anxiety because I just couldn't handle speaking to so many people at one time, I know this sounds lame but I would have a panic attack before and after work and found myself unable to sleep and everything was just really getting on top of me. I was severely disappointed in myself, and could tell my boyfriend was a little bit too, and this really got me down. Since then I have been on around 3 interviews and been turned down for all of them, I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong and whether it's my nerves that are getting in the way of me performing well in these interviews. I just wanted to know if anyone else had the same problems I've mentioned and how/if they've gotten over them or how they got through them. I really don't want to get into another job and have these same feelings and have to leave again, and I could really do with being a little less nervous in job interviews! Thanks for reading and thanks for the advice in advance!
  4. Thanks very much for your replies! I'm trying hard to find some hobbies and stuff to participate in so hopefully I can find something! And yes, I'm applying for jobs etc, it's just a massive waiting game now! Hopefully I'll eventually find something and be able to find friends through that Thanks again.
  5. Hi everyone, just came across this site when searching for anxiety chat rooms and this seemed the best. I am really struggling at the moment and could do with others to talk to and support me through this time! I have a boyfriend but he really doesn't understand so I thought I would branch out! I have just moved countries and am finding it A LOT more difficult than I first thought. I have suffered with anxiety (in particular social anxiety) for over 10 years now. Sometimes it's okay but sometimes it wears me down, and now is one of those times where it's wearing thin. My boyfriend works full time and I'm unemployed, so being alone really triggers my anxiety however I have no friends at the moment due to moving across the other side of the world! I find it hard to leave the flat on my own (and sometimes even with my bf) and usually it ends up with me having a panic attack and just having to come back, it can be pretty exhausting. I'm worried I will never make any friends? I don't know what to do with myself anymore. Thanks for reading the message if you did, I know it was pretty long!