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  1. I have wanted to read this series so bad! I didn't even hear about it until a few weeks ago and I am currently in the middle of reading the Harry Potter series for the first time so I am having to wait until I am finished with the series to start these books. When I read more than one book at once I tend to get them mixed up. But I am adding this series to my growing list. But since the books are so popular then I would love to see it in a movie, chances are after I read the series I will be begging for it to be made into a movie. haha
  2. There is a bit of violence in the book but its not enough to keep my sister from reading it last year and she is 10. She wasn't bothered by any of it and has continued to read books that a similar to this series. I wouldn't let a 6 year old read it, although I don't think they could. It was a great series and was worth the read. I highly recommend the series!
  3. I binge all the time. I am trying to stay healthy and am trying to lose weight. However, I tend to turn to food when I have any emotion. When I am happy I turn to food. I also turn to food when I am mad, stressed or bored. The only time that I do not turn to food is when I am sad, at that point I choose to ignore all food as a type of punishment. But otherwise, I binge usualy at night. I eat foods that are not even enjoyable, I don't even have to like them but I go looking through my cabinets for SOMETHING to eat. And no matter how guilty I feel about it, I still eat it and in the end, no matter how crappy I physically feel, I do not purge.
  4. I love to eat Chicken or shrimp. I like to buy the frozen Gordon's foods. They have Tilapia fillets that are soo good! I also love their classic grilled shrimp. I like to cook chicken in my George Foreman grill and have a side of steamed veggies. Altough I would much rather have fried foods, these foods are my new healthy favorites!
  5. For me it would have to be Chinese food. I love the noodles, 20 flavors of chicken and I LOVE the sushi! I haven't been able to get enough sushi these days! Although I am picky, I only eat the rolls that are made with crab meat. I have tried the few with raw fish on top of them and I didn't much care for them but I do plan to try them again another day. Sushi is something that grows on you I think. I didn't care for it the first time that I had it but I find that I keep craving it more and more.
  6. What is a hula hoops? I have never heard of this - food wise? I have only heard of the actual hoop that you swing around your hips. I love salty foods though!
  7. I loved this series soo much! I thought that it was so well written and it kept me so intriged through the whole book! I read this series faster than any other series! I thought that the movie was great. There were some important parts that were left out but I thought they did the best they could with the amount of time that they had. They acutally filmed the movie in the Western North Carolina where I live! They had extra screenings where they have choosen over 1,000 extras! It was a big hype for our area. I thought that Peeta was ugly at first, and that they could have found a better actor, but after I watched the movie, I totally fell in love him! I thought that he played the role so great! Although I do feel that they played it out to where he was only showing his love for her as an act rather than the fact that it was his true feelings, but I guess it made it more of a love triangle for hollywood. Great movie and series though!
  8. I love to watch Friends or Roseanne! I love to watch Roseanne after the kids got older. The younger days were good, but I just love the roles that the kids played as they got older. I really loved the episodes after they won the lottery, although some of them were a bit weird. I love to watch Friends, they are all good but my favorite episodes were after London when Monica and Chandler started dating. I thought that the show improved so much after this trip! I really miss this show!
  9. I love to watch this show! It reminds me that altough I am some quirky characteristics about myself, I am not alone! I watched an episode once about a man that was affraid of odd numbers. This caused him to not have a car, left him jobless and unable to function on days that are odd numbered. I felt so bad for him! This show is always so interesting to watch, it never gets boring!
  10. Welcome to the forum! I suffer from anxiety, social anxiety, and some OCD. I like to visit this board because I enjoy talking to others that share the same issues as myself. Hope you like the board!
  11. What is your favorite commedy? What is something that you love to watch when you are stressed out and need a good laugh?
  12. I hate having social anxiety! There are many times that I will cancel plans with someone because even though I felt that I could go through the plans and they sounded like fun, once I get close to the event, I go into full panic. At that point I have an upset tummy, start shaking, and will end up canceling the plans before I even make it out the door. It really sucks and I often get disappointed in myself.
  13. My anxiety stresses out my husband. He gets quite irritated at me at times when I am currently having a panic about something. There are also times where I panic about situations that may occur and in order for me to prevent them, I will cancel the plans. This causes my family to miss out on a few things all because I was too anxious about something that probably would not even happen.
  14. haha! My husband often tells me to get off Google. Not only do I self diagnois myself into these horrible diseases that I might have, I also google any problem that I may be having. Then I find the worst possible outcomes that have happened and worry myself sick because I just know that it will happen to me. For instance, my car may be making a noise, so I will google it, search the forums and then I am convinced that my transmission is dying rather than it was actually my car dragging something for 2 miles.