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  1. My favorite comedy on TV is Seinfeld or Roseanne. It is no coincidence that these are both a very sarcastic humor. Sometimes my kids will even say that I sound like Roseanne with some of the things she says For movies I like a lot fo the older comedy movies. Caddyshack and Stripes would probably top the list. Bridesmaids was a pretty funny movie also.
  2. Thanks for your words of encouragemnet Gilly! I have to try to challenge myself this year too and am trying to do more. It can really be frustrating because I have so many things I want to see and/or experience and the anxiety and agoraphobia get in the way. I will be hoping that we both gain ground in our fight against agoraphobia this year!
  3. Any experience with this? I totally binge out on enormous amounts of food but it is not like classic Bulimia in that I do not purge myself of the food. For the longest time I thought that the fact that I do not purge meant that it was not a true eating disorder until my counselor advised me that it is. I think I tend to binge more when my depression is getting a hold on me. I also binge to relieve stress. It is really a dificult thing to overcome. I have tried alternate ways to manage stress as well as a variety of antidepressants but I still binge. Anyone out there gone through the same thing?
  4. I am sorry that you are dealing with this! It does seem to come out of nowhere sometimes doesn't it? I too get kind of angry at myself when the Agoraphobia rears its ugly head. I can only say to keep on keeping on and to take it one step at a time. Sometimes, I will notice that I am more susceptible to Agoraphobia when I am not getting enough sleep. Maybe a little more rest would help?
  5. Hello! One method my therapist has recently suggested is to meditate/envision to help me with my Agoraphobia. She tells me to envision myself being strong and leaving the house. She then tells me to see myself having a wonderful time while I am out of the house. I have just started doing it so I am not sure if it works yet or not. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences negative or positive with this? Thanks for any info you can give!