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  1. Feeling very unsure and lacking confidence...


  2. Hello 

    Just trying to vent. This health anxiety is literally taking over my life. I truly believe that I have some type of c****r. I have a pain in my bottom left side and back. Beside my rib and it hurts to the touch. I had issues a while back that made me come to think I had an illness. My daughter has been throwing up off and on for a month a now I am concerned and convinced it’s something serious like c****r. I am tired of this and just want to give up completely and say whatever happens happens. This health anxiety is like a plague taking over my life.

  3. Sciatica JJ? Just hang in there as Mark alluded to I'm sure this is nothing serious but your doing the right thing by getting it checked out. Best of luck at your appointment and I'm confident you'll be just fine and they'll figure out what's going on :).
  4. Hi Daniel and welcome to the site. I think you've come to the right place to find out more information and meet some incredible people who are also battling mental health problems. Hope to get a chance to better meet you and get a chance to interact with you on the site Daniel. Take care.
  5. Jord


    Hi Shorty and welcome to the site. We'll be glad to offer you support along the way. Take care and look forward to meeting you.
  6. Welcome to the site Bunny. I hope your appointment goes well and your able to get some of the answers you seek. Good luck and hope to talk to you soon! Keep us informed of how it goes .
  7. Welcome to the site Vince. Glad to have you here. I look forward to meeting you and talking to you.
  8. That's great news. Hopefully it's back to feeling as good as new soon. I'm heading to the gym tonight. Been taking the dog for walks and stuff. Keeping on track with the calorie counting and still doing well. Hopefully going to do an hour on the treadmill tonight. 3.0 speed and 5 incline. I will report back tomorrow night on everything.
  9. Thanks man. It's hard but I'm doing it. I'm learning that all I've been eating is just loaded with calories. I bet, the same thing can get old. Just try to think of the reward at the end of that as I'm sure you do and that should keep you motivated. How long until the shoulder heals do you think? How long until you'll be able to lift again do you think?
  10. Awesome Artist. Keep up the good work. I have been going to the gym slowly again to go back into it and have seen a dietitian about my weight issue so I have started to track my calories. So far I've been under all the days I've done it. It's hard at times. I've switched to diet coke instead of coke when I need a pop. So I'm really trying. I use and it's really user friendly and has a huge list of food on there which is all broken down into calories. Anyways just wanted to do a fresh update. My energy level is still low but trying to push through it.
  11. Awesome job man. I'm going to start doing the TapouT extreme workout program to help aid in my weight loss. It will be hard but I'm going to do it and push through it
  12. Good job Artist! Just making my first post in this forum of many I hope. I know my diet needs altering to reach my goal of 200 pounds. I've been stuck between 230 and 234 for awhile now. I really want to get down to 200 by the end of winter. I think I can do it. It's just the eating right part that will be a challenge. Any suggestions on what to eat?
  13. Jord


    Hi Sarah. It could defiantly be anxiety. Anxiety can cause pain all over the body and numbness or weakness which could be why your experiencing arm weakness? Maybe the pain in your back is due to messing it up somehow? Does it hurt all the time? I'm sure it's nothing serious. I get worried when I have pains sometimes as well and then have to remind myself it's probably not a serious issue and could even be anxiety causing it in the first place. Hope this helps and that you get to feeling better.
  14. Hi Sarah and welcome to the site. Look forward to meeting you and nice having you here
  15. That quote is so true!!!! Thanks for sharing