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  1. Hi, finally went to a primary Doctor ,,just making the call was scary,,years since Ive been I was so nervous but, did it,, and Doctor after talking to me and testing and seeing how shaky I was Prescribed Beta blocker all day one and Lexapro,,Im nervous about lexapro-maybe Ill start on Friday,, supposed to take half at night,, I have social anxiety and I tremble and cant eat in Public, nor work because I cant even walk in for interview ,,so Im Kind of hoping this might work(in the past I was on beat blockers and ZANAX with great results but, I stopped it because i truly believed any meds over time would hurt my body ad than I went down the drain trying for years for a Holistic answer,, anyone On Lexapro -pros-cons- also I havedo go to a gathering can I have beer ,not sure
  2. Oh, thank you for the responses,, yes Im trying to get a appointment,, was hoping to get someone to make it for me ,, but, I looked and finally found a primary doctor I suppose go to her first,, we will see If I can get that courage to call,, Going to the Doctor alone will be huge if I can do this,, Im hoping maybe next week, Thanks so much again,, Nice to know I'm not alone and when others judge my small way of life they have no idea the fight I have in mY head to even walk out the door,, thanks,, Bunny:)
  3. Hi, well I haven't been here in a while,,but, I haven't improved I don't even leave the house,,Im nervous when we get the mail or the phone rings,,everything stresses me out,, I did buy Hemp oil trying this because Yes Im afraid to go to the doctor,,I truly hope to make a appointment I guess to a general doctor but, its something I put off so much,,for years now and I finally have insurance but, I haven't used it,,I was on Zanax for ten years than I stopped and slowly stopped doing a lot in life,, even now If I go food shopping only with Husband and I wear sunglasses and bring a list so I look at it and focus other wise i get so nervous,, I tell him all the time don't leave me alone and he does and I start to shake ,,My true self is a outgoing person i actaually wanted to be a actress,, now stay home no job,,I hope to hear from anyone that has this social anxiety and anything that worked for you,, I know mine is so bad and i need a doctors help but, the anxiety about making a appointment makes me put it off, ,,thanks sometimes I need to vent I don't talk to anyone much about my issues,,
  4. BunnyNY

    The long day

    Hi, been a while since I have posted.Sometimes I just did not have the mental energy and also no progress to report.I thought by some chance I would find a holistic cure.That one day I would walk out my door with a smile on my face and no sunglasses to hide behind.Nope that didn't work out .So far I',m stuck inside all day and maybe go Out only IfHusband goes to a store with me.I want to work anywhere even flipping burgers anything but, I cant even work up the guts to ask for a application.Getting a job would be huge and help with the ever mounting bills and maybe I could buy some decent clothes. I hope to get a Drs appointment maybe in Spring.Lets hope this will be my year of treatment and no more sitting in the house going what time is it? It still can't be 1 pm.Just want to be busy and busy makes me so happy. Ok thats it for now:)
  5. BunnyNY

    Feeling Lame

    Just feel lame.I need to get some motivation.Get my mind going again.And getting out THERE__ So far the cod liver oil is good but, I'm not feeling less anxiety still a ball full of nervousness!!aughghg --No worries just venting:)
  6. must get stronger

  7. thinking about changing how do i change

  8. Hi, this site is great ! Read everything here its so helpful.I have the same problem I see people walking and I'm just sitting looking at them .Its hard to meet people when you are older and not a kid.Maybe there are walking groups in your general area ?Read everything you can and hope that things will get better for you.
  9. always stressed about finding a dr with no money to pay for it

  10. Just found out the DR I went to that referred me to another Psychiatrist (because she wasn't taking new patients) thats what I heard the receptionist say on the phone why she even saw me- I have no idea plus she said she won't give zanax out and I was on that for 10 years,,and I was like ok what do I do know? so That the claim was denied and yet, another bill will be coming.Have no money sold everything I have so thats done and haven't gotten treatment for my anxiety so THAT i can go into the world and work.So mad but, I'm having tea because i feel the biggest panic attack.The anxiety about just going to a Dr was hard enough now still no treatment and I cant go to another dR because My insurance won't cover it,This is just a circle that I cant get out of.Sorry to vent i need to shake this off somehow. I need to win lotto so I can get to a Dr. peace'
  11. BunnyNY

    I am what I am

    "yay accepting what I am.This is me A_NX_IE_TY.Anxiety!!!!!!!You have been my dirty little secret.I hid you for so long.You are Out now.I tell everyone.Now I talk like its a regular conversation instead of making a million excuses WHY I can't do normal things.Yes, anxiety ,,, everybody knows.My husband made me go to lunch with him.I was nervous and just wanted to be home.Of course we get sayt in the middle of a restaurant and some people are just staring at me.I try and do a million things and feel shaky.I could barley eat.When we got home he looked at me and noticed how different I looked.He was blown away because My whole facial features even my hair looked better.Anxiety takes the beauty away from me.I hate you anxiety with all my heart.But, I have to accept this illness since 16 and being afraid to tell.Now Im telling and i hope one day we part ways.I hope you leave me and let me relax. peace;
  12. Hi, GABA_is a natural neurotransmitter--I found mine at Puritans Pride online, But I think GNC and most Vitamin shops have them .I had no luck at Cvs thats why I order it online.%- http was terrible and so was L-theanine made me feel Horrible.Gaba Works for me since Im not on any meds at all I take this first thing in the morning and Now Im also taking cod liver oil supplements. Results seems to work for me.Like I said and thing thats natural and holistic is my journey for now.Best of luck!
  13. So, howdy all:) So far I found that Gaba supplement works for me.I only take vitamins and no prescriptions at all.Some supplements have to be Doctor approved.In my case still no Doctor guess I'll stick it out until September. Anyway Gaba -It calms me down.I also like Rooibos tea tastes great and also calms me.I started 2 weeks ago adding more fermented foods into my diet.I must say all of the things I have been trying have helped.I guess its true you are what you eat.My dietary changes seem to help.As far as 5=htp goes not so good. Made me a zombie.I will try anything once.Trying to read as much as I can have a few books to read. I want to be 90percent back so far just maybe 30percent but, baby steps:) Peace "_
  14. So waiting around for another Dr because my insurance bites and no one calls back.I decided to research and see and helpful ways to help me get by day to day.I read on here and earth clinic-some people have had decent results and anything is better than sitting around looking at the phone.I ordered the following Gaba-Ltheanine-and 5-htp.Staring Gaba today.Than I will try each one a different week.Mostly concerned how they will effect my delicate stomach.Taking the smallest amount each day.I don't take any other meds nor have any health issues so being cautious anyway.So, hoping for something,, any little thing just to be able to walk out of the house is first goal.Than to a store by myself and one day have a Job again.I keep imagining what it would be like to have paycheck and money and get out of this debt and poor lifestyle. I also ordered Rooibos tea had one yesterday it was ok but, yesterday I didnt have stress or anxiety I will try it when i have a anxiety filled day. Okay peeps, will let you know updates as far as it goes ....