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    Lots of people have been posting about ALS since the new year and they all have that heavy, buzzing, tingly feeling in a limb or several limbs. Everyone that has had a neuro test and/or EMG has gotten a clean bill of health. So the logical conclusion is anxiety. I know it’s hard to believe, but think about the way you have felt the last few weeks. Your anxiety has been sky high. It isn’t surprising you are feeling new sensations because of your anxiety. If you can, try to alleviate some of that stress and adrenaline with exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, etc...Talking to someone like a counselor or therapist would also help. Getting control of your anxiety and changing your thought patterns around the sensations you have does help.
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    This is kinda health anxiety related, but not about anxiety itself if that makes any sense. I don't know if this was the right place to share this, but I wanted to share it with everyone. The thing that broke me out of being a hypochondriac (health anxious.) Is actually being sick. I have been sick for 4 weeks now, and I am no longer scared about health related things now that I am actually sick. I was officially diagnosed with C DIFF which I am currently trying to treat with antibiotics. (Sadly I can only afford one type of antibiotics so I hope that this takes care of it.) Well on top of the C Diff, I also was diagnosed with a liver hema-something (I can't remember exactly what it is called off of the top of my head, but basically it is a benign tumor.) I may have to have it surgically removed, since it is large enough to be causing me symptoms. So it has been hectic. The rectal bleeding was caused by an anal fissure. (Have to get that fixed.) and I also have a hiatal hernia. I regret being so anxious about things because now that I am actually sick I feel like I wasted my life. I'm hoping I can feel better soon, and I am working on getting better so I don't have to suffer with health anxiety anymore. I will say that being actually sick has really opened my eyes. I don't even want to be anxious anymore. I want to help other people who are going through what I was going through.
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    If being that angry gave someone a heart attack, I'd have died a thousand times by now. 😉 You're okay. It's uncomfortable, being that angry and the symptoms alongside it, but it'll pass. Your heart can put up with more than you think!
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    This is a good report. I know it's so hard to accept a good result when you are worried about checking other things that could be wrong. The what ifs of anxiety are torture. I was focused on a BT for a long time too and never had imaging. One thing you should keep in mind is if your headaches and neck pain was from a BT then physical therapy wouldn't help. I know it's easier said then done, but try to hold on to that and hopefully your worry will decrease.
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    I’ve been to ER so many times with sharp pains on the left side of my chest and agonizing pain in my upper back that nearly put me in tears. I’ve had many clear EKGs and I also will notice when I’m distracted I don’t feel it as strong or at all and then once I realize, it comes back. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone so I’m sorry you’re suffering with this too!
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    @dbracer68 I am currently going through some of your symptoms as well 1. Numbness in left toes/feet in past 4 days. I can still walk on my heels and toes. Also this comes and goes away. But when it comes it is scary 2. Body wide twitching but more in the legs(calves, shin, hamstrin, butts😂)- this is the most irritable. 3. Perceived weakness in left arm 4. Stiff right hip 5. Sore throat as @ZenCubesaid in my post, the idea is to ignore these feelings as they are due to anxiety. I am fighting that battle at present. I am scared but I am going to fight. I have been checked by a neuro recently (strength tests/reflexes) and said no issues there. I guess till the time we fully accept that our bodies are a machine and there can be minor issues as we age, we will never be accepting. Easier said then done as I am still struggling to accept this. But I believe that we are just anxious. This too shall pass!!
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    Yep, definitely sounds muscular, IMO. I understand the worries completely though. I've been a long time heart worrier. It sucks, but you will get through it.
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    yes it is peri... my gyn told me we start seeing changes close to 40! I bleed heavier than ever which makes me borderline anemic and I have to take iron pills.... I used to make cysts in my ovaries as well.... but they will always go away! I am glad you are ok!!!
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    Sounds like you and I are in the same boat LOL! The wonders of perimenopause. Glad it was nothing serious.
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    Awesome Leah!!! So happy for you.
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    I would take it as they didn't see anything so they have no reason to call you. What I've always heard is, when they see bad things, they call you quickly. You might get some info if you call the office tomorrow and just ask about it. I have done that before and depending on who you talk to, you may get a lot of info that way. It is horrible to wait, I know.
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    QUICK UPDATE: Everything went well today and the super NICE tech showed me my pictures after the mammo and how they compare to last year's and she said everything looks great!!!! So one more thing I don't have to worry about for a while. Thank you all for your support!
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    I hope I could help you weather this bout of anxiety.
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    I have definitely had a few of your symtoms: Twitches Hang going asleep specially my ekrt hand, when I go to bed Numb Finger tips and toes The saliva thing I had it for a few days Joint Pain The weakness also, not clinical weakness. But perceived Weakness, buzzing , etc
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    **Update** I just got home from the gynecologist. Long story short-She said this is part of Perimenopause. I had a repeat ultrasound and the cyst on the left ovary is gone. I have a new cyst on my right ovary. It’s just fluid filled, nothing sinister and will resolve on its own. (She asked if I had any pain from it and I told her I did not). She said I might be a chronic cyst maker. She mentioned birth control but because of the ocular migraines I can only take progesterone birth control. Uterine ablation is another option. I am unsure if I will go with either one right now. Thank you so much for all the help!