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  1. No wonder why you are so anxious,,,, good luck at your Mayo appointment, you are going to the BEST place, so you will be taken care of!!!!! Try to relax, everything will be fine. I'll be thinking of you!!!
  2. well that's good news..... are you very anxious for some reason? last year when I found out my aunt passed away unexpectedly I became extremely dizzy and nauseous.... it lasted about 2 weeks..... one day I couldn't get out of bed. literally..... slept all day..... I couldn't move my head because I would be dizzy. Good luck it will pass soon!!!!!
  3. Just quick update, father in law is fine, it's a slow growing cancer, won't kill him, does not need treatment at this time. I feel MUCH better now! I am trying to stay positive... I am listening to the DARE book and makes a lot of sense and it's helping.... Thanks for listening.
  4. awww big hugs for you.... please let me know what the ENT says.... good luck!
  5. Hi guys.... I hate to complaint... I have been trying to be more positive but it's hard. Can you believe I am still scared of a brain tumor? yes, that's all I think about 24/7... it's been 14 months since my fear started..... you may recall I saw my GP about did neuro test told me I don't have it and then went to neurologist and told me the same.... since started lexapro last year I have been experiencing twitches everywhere, which most day I deal with, but some days like today it's worse.... I am just so fed up with this worry and I am falling into a deep depression. To add to the drama, my father in law was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, stage I at least, and I am going to the oncologist with him today to learn about the treatment he needs. I am a mess about this even though I know he will be fine. It just bring bad memories from my mother in law who passed away from pancreatic cancer 5 years ago and I went to her appointments, chemo, etc, it was very stressful and traumatic.... And finally to add to my drama and anxiety I just learn that the medicine I have been taking for acid reflux for over 9 months, zantac, has been recalled and puled from the shelves for a possible carcinogen... like I need that.... so now . am a mess worrying about liver cancer, etc. I don't know what to do with this info. I am very down today and it's raining.... I just want this day to be over....
  6. I hope you feel better soon.... do your ears feel clogged at all? I woke up a bit dizzy today too and my ears are super clogged
  7. Thanks Bin, I am very worried now... don't know what to do....
  8. Not YET!!!! Gosh who can we trust anymore?????? I have been taking zantac for 9 months every night and on and off for years between PPIs..... this is ridiculous.... I don't know what to do?????
  9. what??????? I didn't know that OMG I will research now, holy cow....
  10. I have neck issues, 3 herniated disks and have pain in neck, shoulders and I get headaches.... I do get dizzy from time to time but I think mine is from sinuses/ears clogged.... My cervical spine doctor told me you can get dizziness from neck too (I don't get vertigo though). If I was you, I would make an appointment with GP just in case you have an ear issue like shifting of crystals in your ears. Good luck and let us know how you are feeling!
  11. Yes PPis will give you gas and maybe mild cramping... I have IBS as well. zantac 300 mg is the best I have tried so far as far as side effects goes and effectivity.... I also had LPR, where the acid goes to throat, ears etc. That's why I take it at night. Good luck, this will pass and you will feel better soon.... PPIs take several days to start working!
  12. yes I have that too.... I have had floaters since my late 20s.
  13. yes I have TONS of floaters, web, blubs in my vision..... and yes I get those weird things moving as well.... I am 43 female with tons of floaters already GGGRRRRR, I had them for years but they are getting worse. I just had my exam a couple of weeks ago and my doctor told me just to ignore it. Good luck!
  14. I SUFFER FROM acid reflux for 7 years now.... I have had 2 endoscopies already and all it shoes it's mild gastritis, and mild esophagatis.... I was on PPIs for years but now I just do 300 mg of zantac before to bed and that helps a lot. I had all of your symtoms and trust me I thought I was dying of stomach cancer or throat or esophags cancer.... everything was clear like I said. I recommend limiting coffee, acidic drinks, like orange juice, lemonade, pasta sauce (tomatoes).... also eat your last meal at night 3 hours before laying down. At your age you have no risks.... go see the doctor though to give you the right doses. I assumed you nought omeprazole over the counter? once a week is not going to cut it. Your doctor will able to prescribe it for you. Good luck and keep us posted.... you will be fine!!!
  15. This happened to me brother. He had a swollen really hard lump in his armpit and was sent from the GP to a hematologist. I went with him and the doctor wasn't concerned at all.... his blood work was normal, no night sweats, etc... so he was set home... it took about 6 weeks for the lymph node to shrink but it did. The oncologist said it would be a concern if he had several swollen lymph nodes but that one is not a problem. Good luck!
  16. I twitch everywhere..... it's so annoying.... the worse are my eyelids... anyone else twitches there???? also my arms, legs, stomach, everywhere..... it's been 1 year and it's not getting better, if anything worse.
  17. This was one of my worst symptoms, waking up with panic everyday.... what a horible sensation..... I had to go on meds, escitalopram 10 mg, and this panic went away, thank God. Maybe try some morning meditation. You tube has amazing ones for free.
  18. the jerky movements I feel before going to sleep..... but my body twitches constantly.... the worse it's the face, cheecks, eye lids, lips.... it freaks me out a bit... he did not run any tests, just did a neuro exam on me.... I have always twitch here and there BUT it got way worse last year when I started the lexapro (escitalopram 10 mg)
  19. My neuro told me my twitches jerks will EVENTUALLY go away
  20. I had a brain MRI because of headaches and I begged my neurologist to give me an MRI.... he said I didn't have a brain tumor but that he'll give me an script for me NOt for him..... of course the MRI was clean. That was about 7 years ago. Now I am back with the same BT fears..... this time my neuro won't give me an MRI.
  21. I have this for a year now... and YES my cheeks twitch, my lips, and eye lids, my stomach, arms, legs, butt cheeks, everywhere..... the more bothersome are the face ones, very scary but neuro said it was from the escitalopram (lexapro), since they started/got worse after the medication. What med are you taking? how much? did your twitches/jerks started after you started taking the meds? I see a neuro for headaches.... in case you were wondering, not for the twitching/jerks LOL
  22. I get this from time to time and scalp too..... actually I am tingly everywhere
  23. I had it for such a long time that I didn't think much of it. I do get sciatica pain from time to time as well.