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  1. Hello, I have a feeling of pressure in my left ear. It’s the same feeling you get in a plane. It started a week ago and has’t fully gone away. I’ve tried everything: swallowing repeatedly, different techniques where I close my nose and blow/swallow, etc. I also tried Affrin, Flonase, Claritin, Sudafed and Tylenol. It started Friday, Feb. 19th. It went away for a while from the evening of Monday, Feb 22nd through Thursday morning Feb 25th. It returned that Thursday. The one note is that I have hearing loss in that ear. I have has that since my 20s. I’m now 44. I saw an ENT and he did a hearing test + work-up. He found the hearing loss and prescribed a weeklong regimen of Prednisone. He also wants me to get an MRI. I’m started taking 60 mg Predisone yestersday, Friday, February 26. It’s now Saturday and I feel no relief. I’m incredibly anxious that this will never go away or that they’ll find a tumor in the MRI. I’m in desperate straits.