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  1. Hello! How y'all doing today? I found myself back on this forum after a couple years when we shared helpful advice on my anxiety related worries. I've been battling with a huge challenge for a year now. I believe some of you might relate to this – let me tell you. I was doing good in my life – working my ass off at school and work, traveling, being healthy, going to gym, having a girlfriend, etc. In a time frame of two years the pushing and too little sleep burnt me out eventually. Learned my lessons there. I went to the doctor and it was diagnosed as a burnout. Now here I am, trying to get myself back in life so to speak. I've been recovering for almost a year now and been careful about my diet, sleep hygiene and now I've started taking walks in the morning. I do a little yoga and meditation daily and try to write down my thoughts every now and then. The process is taking longer than I could ever imagine. The thing is I feel fed up with surviving on my own and being tired all the time; the constant trying and trying and it feels close to not progressing at all. I'm battling with my final work at the same time to get graduated from school but the work feels so huge and difficult that it eats me inside. I can barely work with it for one to three hours per day. I've been depressed battling with all of this – therefore I feel "stuck" at life. I can't even think about my future because I feel like I'm drowned in my school work and recovery, and I can't find the energy to do more of it every day. Sometimes I skip doing the work because I feel so exhausted just waking up. And I feel this recovering and unfinished work is prolonging my future plans because I can't deal with them both properly. Life is in a stand-by mode at the moment. I just want to feel energized and motivated again and be done with my graduation – to continue my life. I see no light in the end of the tunnel right now. I'm not totally sure which category this issue exactly goes to but I hope some of you can relate in your own way and share some thoughts. We're in this together. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks for replying! By the way, as soon as I wrote this topic I started to feel much better for the rest of the day and I slept well without any disturbing dreams! For some reason it definitely helped to pour my soul out. I guess I got reassured it is just anxiety and it was easier to accept as it is. Anxiety is really really tricky, it always finds a way to make you worry even though you have been dealing with it for a long time. Today I had to speak in public and my heart started beating like it has never beat before and I was getting these sudden sensations of fainting. Everything went good and nothing happened though. It definitely got my attention and my mind was just running about all things that could happen to me at the moment. My anxiety is discovering new weak spots in me. Kelly: You should definitely start excercising, start by taking walks few times a week for example. It will help you clear your mind and it's overall good for you and your heart. Just keep your pace on comfortable level. I think that diary thing would be worth a shot, thanks Gilly! Is there any specific system to it or should I just simply write my worries down?
  3. Hi guys! I wanted to bring up a simple question, how do you work on your anxiety? I'm having a bit of a rough patch and I'm starting to get frustrated with my anxiety symptoms. Let me tell you why. Over the last six months I've changed my lifestyle completely. I: - cleaned up my diet - started exercising - stopped drinking alcohol - started reading books - started meditating daily - started taking naps more often - etc. I still have a bad habit of using caffeine and nicotine every now and then which I have cut down to a minimum. I mean I like improving myself and I've done a lot already but I don't want to 'go nuts' with this health-thing if you know what I mean. You gotta remember to enjoy life also. Even though I've had these major changes, I still experience anxiety which is bumming me out (because all the effort!). I still have brain fog, light headache (strange pressing sensations in my head), feelings of danger and dizziness which is a new one in my anxiety repertoire. I'm constantly worrying that this can't be my anxiety that I've some serious illness in my head (went to the doctor five days ago, she sent me home). I had few days two weeks ago when everyhing was getting better but then it got worse again. I don't know if it's 'two steps forward and one step back' with anxiety. By the way, does flu worse anxiety? My message may be a little confusing but the main point is that I'm tired and frustrated for all the effort I've done to make my life better and the results are not that good. I just want my anxiety to ease up so I wouldn't have to question my sanity & reality. I guess I'm a little lost. Any thoughts?
  4. Thank you so much guys for replying, I really feel much better to know that it's normal and we share the same thing! I mean I know it sucks but it's good we're not alone with these things. To update my progress on recovery: I feel more and more positive and happy but my body seems to cling on the symptoms. Random panic attacks occur here and there and the anxiety is definitely trying to cling on my body. Anyhow this is a good place to continue from since I don't have to freak out about this certain thing anymore. Thanks guys!
  5. Hey I really need your help guys, I'm new here and I wanted to ask you something that has been really troubling me and worsening my anxiety. I am recovering from heavy anxiety which was stress/alcohol induced. I've had symptoms like depression, derealization, fears, panic attacks, loud tinnitus in my ears, headache and troubles to fall asleep. Almost anything from the anxiety symptom list really. By now I'm doing pretty ok but you can't recover something overnight that you've been building for longer, right? So here it is: Is it really normal to hear/imagine disturbing high-pitch noises in your ears/head when you're really anxious? I don't experience this all the time but when I do I constantly become super anxious and it doesn't help one bit and they just stuck looping in my mind because I start obsessing about them. I might be overanalyzing / overthinking here a little. The only thing I could found about the matter was this quote from the anxiety symptom list: "Common descriptions of this symptom include hearing a high-pitched ringing, low rumbling, swooshing, sloshing, buzzing, roaring, whooshing, chirping, beating, humming, pulsing, throbbing, and a pumping sound. In quiet environments, these sounds may seem louder or more annoying." When I found that quote from the anxiety list I felt relieved at first. The only thing is that my mind starts to race and I start thinking something like I could be an exception of this and my noises would be a sign of something scary like schizophrenia or something. A really devious cycle is born from this... Is this normal?