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  1. If you are a relatively skinny man or woman it can be normal to see, and feel your heart beat in your stomache. I would be only be concerned if you are overweight, and can still see the heartbeat. I have also had a twitching in my stomache before. Probably tired muscle spasms just like how an eye can twitch from overuse.
  2. Sanitize carefully anything that kissing bugs touch because they transmit by feces. Don't rub any bite you get. Infected bites produce swelling. I think I read that many people who get Chagas don't end up developing it chronically. Also I think by memory only about 30% develop a complication which is either digestive or heart. Point being, the disease can take up to 30 years to manifest, so don't let the fear of it rule your life. If you ever get bitten it helps to capture the bug and bring it for testing. 50% of the kissing bugs in certain areas of the world are infected, but not every area is the same. Also bite doesn't equal infection. Remember to keep screen doors closed at night, and seal cracks in your house since they like the light and warmth. Avoid touching eyes,mouth,nose if you know you accidentally touched a kissing bug and wash yourself.
  3. It sounds like a sleep onset central apnea. If you were beginning to fall asleep, the human body can go through a temporary signal disruption caused by the brain forgetting to signal to the lungs. It is called a central apnea, I once read that central apnea's can happen to even healthy people in the beginning phase of sleep. They can also happen when sleeping at high altitude. It is likely you are fine. However if you are experiencing that the apnea is happening more than five times a night, and starts in the middle of the night more than 3 + hours after you went to bed, I would suggest a doctor's visit, and a test for sleep apnea. Suggestions to prevent this apnea: lay not on your back, but on your side. Lay flatter. Use one pillow. Go to bed at a reasonable time, and do not overwork yourself! The sleepier you feel when you go to bed the more this glitch tends to happen. I wish you sweet dreams!
  4. At the 5 1/2 month mark, I did see a physician who said it looked like allergies, I think he mentioned bronchitis. He didn't do any testing on me but I think he listened to me breathe. He gave me the medicine that helped me get better. He didn't speak English well, but I think he told me not worry. (Idk if he understood how long I had it for though.)
  5. Last year I didn't go to the doctor for 5 1/2 months with a cough, and lung soreness. I really wanted to go but didn't have insurance. I think it was allergic bronchitis due to a very unclean air conditioner above my bed in my apartment. I coughed the most before bed, and when I woke up, but not too much during work hours. At one point I was coughing up a mouthful of mucus soon after waking up every morning. In the last month or two I had some shortness of breath but It only happened with physical activities like singing, dance. The first two months I had spent at my apartment. The next three months I spent half of most days at work. The last month of sickness I moved out of the apartment. I looked at the air con before moving and discovered tons of the same shiny glass like hair dust i kept finding everywhere. It's been a year since I recovered from the sickness. My lungs feel similar to how I was pre sickness. Can a person be sick that long with allergic bronchitis without permanent damage? I'm not an old person. Do you think my worrying about it is pointless?
  6. I'm not having awful pains in my stomach. As far as blood I can't tell. It's usually orange brown. Do you think everyone with chrons usually has very bad pain?
  7. So I think I have fat in my stools but my doctors are never concerned. The digestive symptoms have been around for years. My newer doc suspects IBS, but when I took a strong medical probiotic for a week I saw no results. I have not had stool testing. I did have a blood test for my pancreas which showed normal levels of pancreatic enzymes needed to digest fats. My other blood tests were normal but my CRP was elevated (I had a fever the day/night before I took my blood test) I was concerned the elevated CRP could mean Chrons disease instead of just indicating my fever, I also had low white blood cells rather than high. I noticed my triglycerides were in the 30's. I was afraid this meant I wasn't absorbing fat, however my doc said I'm healthy, and that triglycerides varie day to day and I hadn't eaten much given I had a fever at that time. So I tried eating gluten free for a month to see if it is celiac disease, I had great results and no longer had the shiny, sticky, soft/ practically diarrhea stool ... however I now realized none of the food I had eaten had been fattening. I was eating like fish, chicken, and rice and cheese every day, no oils. I then had one day where I cheated my diet with gluten and fats, Since that day I went back to eating fattier more oily food, and I have had the digestive issue everyday, one day I had to go 7x. Even on days I was gluten free but ate oily or fatty food I still had the issue. Can it still be celiac related? What can I do to improve my problem, and do you think this may be chrons disease or celiac rather than IBS? Can IBS become very bad after meals with fat or oils? Thank you for advice or opinions.
  8. I don't think I have cancer. I'm more so worried that the punching like pains I had a few years ago in my epigastric region had been chronic pancreatitis. I doubt it, but why am I having these strange bowel issues that also happen often? The first time I ever really noticed this issue was 2013 (but the pains I was referring to was in 2012). 2018 I know the digestive problem was noticeable like 50% of the time.
  9. I never did blood tests to check pancreas function. There's something called steahorhea, it's a symptom of pancreatic dysfunction. Since the description of it sounds very close to how I would describe my issue, I feel concerned. My doc didn't seem worried since I have good vitamin and blood sugar. He didn't take me seriously and one time claimed i must be making up my symptoms. 😕From what I've read, it's possible to not produce enzymes but still make insulin. This is why the blood sugar isn't enough to put my mind at ease.
  10. Ok so I wrote about this month's ago. But I am still bothered by it. I can technically see a doctor now, however Its hard to talk about it. Plus maybe it's better that i don't know, like what if I learn I'm going to die or something? My last doctor looked at my blood tests( no pancreatic function tests were done however) , saw my good blood sugar and vitamin levels and said he doubts i need to check my pancreatic function. He sees I have paranoia so he decided not to take this frequent issue seriously. Many times when I go #2 my stool is sticking to the bowl and not flushing easily. It also has a shiny surface and is mushy, sometimes like pudding. It's hard to not see it because a little bit is often still there after I flush so I have to clean it with the scrub brush. I also sometimes have bubbly stuff like a foam with it however only occasionally. I don't drink, I had some symptoms long ago like pain in the area where I think the pancreas is but it was short lived. The pain was in the epigastric area I think it felt a bit like being punched (just a vauge memory since it was long ago) and kinda went under my ribs on my sides. It was like maybe only a few days on and off pain. Does this symptom necessarily mean I have a pancreatic deficiency? Should I consider seeing a doctor if my anxiety will spike should there be a real issue? Any one here with a healthy pancreatic function and my symptoms? Opinions would be appreciated.
  11. I had the same thing like 2-3 months ago! Yes, I had the suction cup fixed,induced ear muffling and fullness you described. It happened the first time. While I was cleaning my ears! I felt a lot of pain after scratching the inside with a qtip, then ear fullness,muffled hearing. Scared me badly, thought I'd lost my hearing. However suction cupping made it come and go. Mine was a ear infection that got suddenly worse when I cleaned it with the qtip. I had soreness and then very awful smelling wet earwax and skin flakes coming from my ear. My ear infection lasted for like 2- 3 months. Even now I have flakes of skin coming out of my ear and My hearing seems less good. No more infection though. Not sure if It was caused by wax buildup. I kept my ears dry for a week and the infection got better. I think in my case it was likely swimmers ear (caused by overbathing and the ear not draining) I think my ears have wax and skin sheets that had caused the water to not leave my ear. Try keeping dry ears! also avoid doing the suction cup thing. If you get it to clear the ear using suction don't suction the ear again even though it's tempting.
  12. I've been being kept awake by heart Palps lately when I normally don't have this issue. I think sleeping on the floor makes me aware of my heart. Also if you sleep on your left side vs your right you may notice the beating more since the heart is more towards the left. Maybe positioning yourself laying on your right side in bed with a different arrangement of pillows will help you? If your echo and monitors checked out fine, this is 100% anxietys doing. Your body or mind may be stressed and you may not realize it. Perhaps listen to calming music before bed? Or go to sleep at a better time. Sounds like you could benefit from some self care to manage feeling anxious.
  13. How old are you? If you're young it's very very unlikely! Your blood pressure can raise when you are afraid or stressed. If you work out your chest muscles or carry anything heavy it can make you have tenderness in the chest. There are other causes like swelling of the ribcage that can cause chest pain. I'd be concerned if with walking up less than a few flights of stairs or down the street made you very breathless. Or if over 5x a night you stop breathing in your sleep and gasp awake. from the sound of it you likely aren't having these issues. I also guess being health conscious that you don't chug animal fat. I heard that growing fast can cause pains in the chest. Being nervous can cause shortness of breath as well. I eat tons of cheese, have good cholesterol despite the fat content. Plaque buildup happens over a long time and usually with a fat rich diet. I had some crazy chest pains and shortness of breath for a week in highschool. Even though it was extreme pain and I never sought help...I freaked out thinking it was something that could have damaged My heart. I have occasionally woken up not able to breathe, plus gotten shortness of breath from laughing and flying in an airplane. But an echocardiogram later and my heart is supposedly healthy. My point being that just because you have a pain doesn't mean it's the type that'll kill you. A doc can tell a lot just from listening to your heart with a stethoscope. Don't be afraid to ask questions to them, but never assume this means you are ill. You may just have muscle soreness or something that isn't a problem
  14. Muscles twitches happen when you've over exerted yourself. Most likely nothing to worry about. I've gotten them too. One time my eye and even my stomach wouldn't stop twitching. No worries. Get some sleep.
  15. So my ear started hurting whenever i would go outside in the cold back in mid November. I had cleaned a really dirty house when it first started hurting. I started touching my ears and bathing a lot sometime around the same time period. it has been hurting on and off when I go out in the cold for two months I also had kept using qtips in my ear to clean them. But maybe a week and a half ago.. I had my ear feel particularly sore. Especially when I tug at it. I had flakes of skin come out of my ear when I rubbed it with a q tip. That's not unusual for me. I may have impacted earwax considering a ball of hard wax once fell from my other ear*the not infected one. But a week and a half ago I used a qtip and had sudden bad pain like id scratched a scab off. Then a cotton ball feeling in my ear. I wiggled the ear and the muffled hearing cotton ball feeling went away. then at night I made a sort of suction using my hands and the ear re clogged and became muffled. Next day I rinsed my ears out and managed to unmuffle the ear again by wiggling the inside. But if course I did the hand air suction thing again out of curiosity and it re clogged and has staid muffled since. I had been taking a lot of showers so I am guessing it may have been swimmers ear or ear infection. Worst case is probably keratin sheet earwax type impaction? This ear has been feeling sort of infected for like 2 months now. The past week and a half my hearing is muffled and I hear ringing non-stop in the ear and feels like there's something in it. last night I noticed my earwax from that ear smells bad, like nasty sweat. What do you think this is? earwax impaction, infection or swimmers ear? Why hasn't it healed and will my hearing likely be fine when whatever this is passes?I Should I keep the ear dry? Do I have to see a doctor even though my ear no longer hurts but feels muffled and is ringing? Sorry for the long explanation. I would appreciate some input as I've been dealing with this a while now.Thank you.