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  1. Hello! 🙂 I am someone who can totally understand and relate to your pain. I have ingrown toenail issues and both of my toenails are affected. I have had it for past 10 years and just now it got better after suffering for long. I had the hardest time wearing runners and sneakers as they use to always hurt me so bad. I have been to a doctor and he suggested that once I am over 25, he would perform a small surgery which treats it. But some his tips did wonders for me. Never wear shoes that are too tight for you. I always wear one size bigger and loose-fitted. I always grow my toenail to a longer size and never cut them too short. Your toenail has to be out of the flesh. That way it won't hurt. If you feel too worried about anything and feel anxious, try reading these simple tips and practice them to feel good in no time Take care!
  2. I hope she is feeling good now. PTSD is diagnosed due to a traumatic event/past and as you already mentioned, her childhood was spent while having to deal with a depressed mother. A child has to be close to her/his mother and it is essential for proper mental and emotional development. Please support her and send her this article to feel better soon The symptoms include: 1)Intensely feeling depressed or distress frequently 2) Having nausea, spinning head, vertigo and other symptoms during stressful event 3)Having scary, upsetting dreams and memories haunting Take care.
  3. I am sorry that you have to deal with such a heart-breaking event. I can totally understand how it feels to be a reason behind someone's death. I hope you can recover real soon and forgive yourself real soon. I cannot imagine the kind of pain you have gone through. But please don't live your life carrying this trauma and the pain from it. You committed a mistake and we all do. The real essence is to learn from them, pray for your forgiveness, and forget the post. If you feel depressive and can't be happy, please chekc this out and practice these tips Take care! 🙂
  4. I hope you stay safe and the test comes out negative. I totally understand what you are going through and having health anxiety is expected in this situation. You should stay hopeful as COVID virus is not contracted by everyone who came in contact with a positive person. It depends a lot on your health and immune system. So, there is still hope and be positive. The mortality rate has gone down as we are becoming somewhat immune to this virus and a lot of people have been recovered. If you feel you are going through a mental turmoil and can't seem to get hold og your anxiety, then please check this out and read the simple tips and tricks to overcome anxiety instantly Take care and keep us updated 🙂
  5. Welcome dear! I am also new to this forum and fell in love instantly with the interesting topics and amazing community this forum has. I hope we all stay like this. Whenever I used to have a anxiety attack, I always have irregular palpitations and weird heartbeat sounds. I got my ECG done and have been to so many doctors but they all said this is not related to your heart health, rather a symptom of anxiety that makes your feel that. My doctors recommended me to change my lifestyle and make healthier changes. I was prescribed some heart-related medication and also some for my anxiety. I felt a lot better. I also tried these simple tips and tricks and made it a ritual to practice these simple tips and felt a huge difference. I was energized for a longer time. I hope you try them too and consult a doctor for your palpitations. Take care 🙂
  6. Hello! I think you are just anxious about it and there is most likely nothing to be worried about. our stool changes color and depends on our diet. Usually it happens that when I eat a lot of spicy food or junk food, my stool is also darker in color. So, you might have eaten something which made your stool dark. I feel it is alright and you should take it easy. Consulting the doctor will solve the issues as well. 🙂 I just want to suggest you that taking this much anxiety is not a solution to anything. You should be strong enough to tackle anything that comes your way. Whenever you have anxiety or feel you are quite worried and can't stay peaceful, read this and try to practice these simple yet practical tips and you will feel better Take care!
  7. Hello! I hope you are doing well now. 🙂 I had sleep issues for a long time and it was quite weird. I couldn't sleep at night as I would get scared of something and would always be awake in the middle of the night. It was strange. Then I visited a doctor and he helped me gain my normal sleep cycle back. He analyzed that I used to be night owl and that altered how my brain thinks about sleep cycle. First of all, go to bed at the exact same time everyday for at least a week and wake up at the same time too. Be relaxed and keep your phone away. Do breathing exercises slowly. It looks like your job insecurities are the reason behind this insomnia and anxiety. Please read this and always control how you feel about stuff that you can no longer control. Take care!
  8. Hello! I hope you are doing well now. Tension and stress headaches keep on coming back until you are completely stress free. Please follow these simple steps and you will feel the difference soon. 1) Never take stress. the golden rule as always. No over-thinking. 2) Massage your head and forehead gently and press the pressure points. This will increase blood flow and nutrients to your brain. 3) Breathing exercises a re great too. 4)Take your nutrients and check if you are low on iron or Folic acid. These tips helped me when I use to have tension headaches. please do eye rolling exercises after every 15 minutes and take a short break from screen. If you have work-related stress , then check these tips that really works Take care! 🙂
  9. Hello! I am so happy that I found a new member here on this forum and would love to connect as I am also a new entry. I am here to help people and support them by sharing my experience and journey with all my you people. To start with, please don't stress yourself out and don't overthink at all. Half of our problems are just because we dramatically overthink. You should be calm and focus on your health and your kids. This will make a big difference in how you feel and think about your illnesses in general. Stop googling every little thing and consult a doctor if you have any health-related issues. One thing I would suggest to you is to read how to control your anxiety and feel better. These tips help me stay positive and mentally calm. Try getting a head massage. The blood flow will make the headache go away. I hope everything will be good and get well soon. :)