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  1. Dementia is my greatest fear. Every time I forget a word or what I am doing it scares me. My father had some sort of dementia, he also had parkinsons. His sister also had dementia. They were both late stage 80 and 87 yrs old when the passed. I recently lost both my mom and dad only 3 months apart and since then I have been an absolute mess. I read on the internet that antidepressants are linked to dementia so I weaned myself off my meds that I had been on for 20 years that had been doing a good job actually. My shrink couldnt even completely deny that there is a link. I think when you have a loved one with it you automatically think its hereditary too, which doesnt help. It has completely consumed my every waking minute and I am at the end of my rope..death would be better than this constant fear
  2. Anyone ever heard that anti depressants can be a linked to dementia?? I have read this on the internet so I have gone off mine, now absolutely miserable..really dont want to live
  3. Sometimes I wish I had a disease where my mind wasn't affected. One that would require surgery or a certain regime of medicine and then you knew it would be over. This will never be over, and that in itself is very depressing
  4. Right???? Too bad I live in Wisconsin where the winter and gloomy days seem endless and also too bad I have no interest or desire to do the other 4 things
  5. I am struggling...I lost my father Dec 31, 2018 and my mom 3 months earlier. If I hear 1 more person say "it is a blessing "they went so close together I think I will lose my shit!!!. My father had multiple health issues including dementia so half the time he didn't even remember he was married. People assume one couldn't get along without the other so they died of a broken heart. Well real life can be a lot more ugly than these fairytale endings. I have been so depressed I have a hard time functioning. I had been on antidepressants for 20 yrs because I have generalized anxiety with a minor in hypochondria. Well read on the internet that antidepressants are linked to dementia so that has scared the crap out of me so I weaned myself off everything. Im finding life is very hard to manage without meds. I have a husband but no children, 53 yrs old and I see no purpose for my life, no drive to do anything. Afraid I will be alone at some point withering away from dementia in a nursing home, cannot get past this thought!!! I keep thinking how lucky people are that have children they will always have someone. I will not
  6. The tingling is very much a response to anxiety. Its your fight or flight response. I know this for a fact as I had it 20 years ago and assumed it was some rare autoimmune disease. Your blood vessels constrict and then release and the blood flow gives you that tingly feeling
  7. I worry about dementia also. I have no symptoms but I worry I will get it in the future and will end up wasting away in a nursing home. My father had some type of dementia but he also had parkinsons. He just passed at the end of December from small strokes. He was 87. His sister also had some dementia issues later in life. They were both lifelong smokers my dad had type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, heart issues. On alot of meds for a long time. I dont have any children and I worry if I end up with dementia I will have no one to help take care of me or visit me. It is my biggest fear. I believe visiting my dad at his assisted living / memory care facility has made my fears worse also. Then I read there was a link between antidepressants and dementia so I weaned myself off of my antidepressant that had kept me level for years. I also lost both of my parents within 3 months of each other so that has been so hard. When I am not on meds my mind always goes to health issues. It is always something...ugh