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  1. Hey, My girlfriend has been taking an intensive treatment program for depression and diagnosed with PTSD. Her psychiatrist said this was probably the result of growing up with a psychologically unstable mother. Her mother had a mental breakdown and was chronically unstable. She used to say that her mother was deeply caring, but also paranoid, irrational, and outbursts based on even the smallest provocation. I used to associate PTSD with soldiers who have been traumatized by battle experiences. However, I hope the diagnosis of PTSD in her will shed some light on what she is struggling with, and how she could move forward. So I'm trying to get a better understanding of what PTSD is, how it works, and the best PTSD treatments. Your experiences, thoughts and resources will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey, my best friend Ellen has been experiencing anxiety problems. I believe that people will experience anxiety at a certain point in their life. I too had experienced such situations so, I didn't give much attention to his problems at first. Later I realized that he has some anxiety disorders because he has intense and excessive worry and fear about everyday situations. It completely interferes with his daily activities. He feels nervous and restless even for small things. When he got a problem, he fails to concentrate or think about anything else other than the present problem. I feel like he is worrying too much and I think it is interfering with his work, relationships and other parts of his life. I have been asking him to consult a doctor, but he is not ready to accept his problems. I have read an article saying massage therapy can reduce anxiety and depression problems. I found that strange, however, I thought I should ask here, Do massages help with anxiety? If so we have many centers for massage therapy in Mississauga, so I can take him there as soon as possible. If anyone here has any idea about anxiety and massage therapy, please share your suggestions and opinions on it. It would be a great help to me.
  3. Hey, My father is 67 years old, and he had diagnosed with glaucoma. He has been suffering from severe eye pain, and sometimes the pain becomes so intense that causes nausea and vomiting. So it was at this stage we went for a checkup and diagnosed with the disease. As part of the treatment, now he is taking eye drops and medicines regularly. My grandfather had also taken glaucoma treatment, so I have a concern that does developing glaucoma can be inherited! I have read that genetic factors are considered to play a key role in glaucoma. So I truly scared of affecting with glaucoma. Is glaucoma a genetic disease? Can glaucoma be prevented?
  4. I have been wearing glasses for the last 13 years, but I don't want to wear them anymore. It is difficult for me to focus without glasses and it will cause eyestrain, and this eyestrain leads to headaches, double vision and other symptoms, which makes it even more difficult to see objects. My several friends used to tease me by showing their hand and asking to count the fingers. While running the marathon, I feel extra weight because of this glass. I love to play basketball, but I always feared of playing it because I broke my glasses a few times while playing this. So I always searched for a better solution to get rid of spectacles permanently. Then I came to know about laser vision correction, and I heard that the procedure is painless and very fast. I wanted to get rid of these glasses forever. Technology and innovations are increasing day by day to improve our lives. I am really excited to know more about it. One of my friends had already done this, and he recommended the center for laser vision correction in Toronto for me. I'm planning to make an appointment with them soon. Before that I would like to hear from you, can laser eye surgery go wrong? I mean, can my vision get worse after laser surgery? Please share your thoughts and suggestions. I have already started to dream of going to the office without the fittings.