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  1. Cramping is a sign of ovarian cancer but so are MANYY other things. I just went through this rabbit hole. I can assure you you’d have many other symptoms other than cramping. You can be ovulating, which causes cramps. And it happens about 10days after period. Also, ovarian cysts can cause cramps, I have those as well!! Don’t google, it’s the devil
  2. My anxiety is terrible. I’ve got so many things feeling off with me it’s exhausting. My head feels wobbly, I have a headache, I’m dizzy, I’m tired, not sleeping at night, I feel my eyes aren’t tracking even though I just went to the eye doctor the other week. I’m just feeling OFF and I’m so tired of it. I was checked for ovarian cancer last week and it was a clear test but I did have fluid in my pelvis from what they think is a cyst that ruptured. I used to have very bad anxiety about brain tumor and it has recently flared back up, I feel I have all the symptoms of that. My doctor DC’d the medicine I was on for anxiety and switched me to Effexor but I haven’t started because I really hate meds. Ive went to have my blood drawn 5x because I’m SURE I have a thyroid issue or hormone imbalance but apparently my thyroid isn’t far enough off to be treated. Im so tired of living like this, daily. Im convinced at this point it will never get better.
  3. Thank is you for writing. When you say muscular what could that be??!
  4. It doesn’t look like skin cancer to me- I have spots like that as well, my derm says they are normal! I wouldn’t worry unless it starts to grow- I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think skin cancer would cause pain in the leg.
  5. Hi- it’s been awhile since I’ve posted in here but I’m back needed some advice, or help. I have had a pain in my side ribs for almost 2 weeks. It’s dull/achy and typically only in my left side but occasionally it is in my right as well. I made the huge mistake of looking up what it could be and pancreatic cancer, or ovarian cancer both popped up. So I’m down the rabbit hole. It is tender to touch, feels sore most days. I went to my Chiro last week and was adjusted hoping that would help and it didn’t. I’m quite worried I have something serious. I have no clue what it could be. I do have IBS but have been reading a lot that IBS is often misdiagnosed. People are diagnosed with IBS and really they have a cancer of some sort. I had a CT of my stomach done in August and I just read the notes to remind myself what it said and my pancreas & ovaries were fine then, but I really have no clue what it could be. Thanks for helping me!
  6. I’m 32 years old. Please update us. I’m praying for good news for you.
  7. Hi Guys! Last month I was in the darkest ALS hole of my life. Today I finally had my apt with my neurologist and I felt our meeting was really good and wanted to share some things. First, he is on the board for ALS. He runs an ALS clinic in a town near by and has studied ALS for 15+ years so he really knows the disease. I shared with him my fears, symptoms, and concerns. He immediately without even blinking his eye said “you do not, this is not ALS” and followed it up with “this isn’t MS,either” he went on to say that tingling, numbness, twitching all of these things point away from ALS as it doesn’t present itself like this. Which @Holls has said over and over on here to us, so trust in her because she’s smart. Also, he checked my reflexes, and looked at my hands and said MS isn’t a concern of his either. He did do some blood work on me to see if my iron levels are okay and some other things that may becausing my feet to feel strange but to be honest, he said, he really feels my antidepressant has caused Restless Leg Syndrome and said that the #1 cause of RLS is antidepressants & antihistamines. He also said, as a woman, we should be taking DAILY Vit D as it helps protect us from MS. I hope this can maybe calm some anxiety over ALS 1 more thing I’ll leave you with. He said “als is like 1 in 100,000 people the odds of it are so low that there’s just no chance of getting it” that was comforting to here. XX- Megan
  8. Hi- I started Celexa 2 weeks ago and I’m now having a lot of brain fog, shakyness and a real hard time concentrating. I do have some blood sugar issues, hypoglycemia but I have felt strange the last two days. Wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms with celexa? I really don’t want to switch meds, again, I have tried so many and had bad luck with almost every single one. Was really hoping this would be one that worked.
  9. I get it. Trust me I do. I’ve been down this als trap for 3 weeks now and it literally RUINED my Christmas. My favorite holiday. I am so mad about it. Anxiety is such a terrible thing to suffer from BUT we can get better. Please stop reading on ALS. You see your Neuro tomorrow and will know all the answers. Please let us know what you find out!! Praying for peace!
  10. My husband works out all the time and has one arm smaller than the other. You’re killing Yourself with these thoughts. You wouldn’t be able to work out if you had ALS. Please stop reading these stories. Please. You’re doing yourself nothing. Go see a Neuro and TAKE A BREATH!!!!
  11. Awesome Video!!! Thank you so much!!!!
  12. Agree with @Holls anxiety or not you notice the twitching. You would notice things not being right. The difference is. People with anxiety make up 98% of our symptoms because we can’t let it go!!!!!!! We plant seeds in our heads, get obsessed with them and then can’t move past them. Twitching is such a common thing. My husbands back was twitching earlier today and he said “hey just FYI my back is twitching right now” and then he moved on... because he doesn’t get obsessed with it like I do!! Every one has twitching. We just notice it more because we are worried about it.
  13. This is the first I’ve heard of people on the ALS forums saying it started with twitching. I’ve heard quite the opposite from people who’ve been on there asking questions. It seems most people with ALS have told others (on here) that twitching doesn’t come until much later. And some have said they wish google didn’t even suggest ALS when we search twitching and weakness because it’s so much more than that. Also, the number ONE reason behind muscle twitching is Anxiety/stress. Not ALS.