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  1. Last year right around this time I visited this forum when I was dealing with the height of my mental stress. I was convinced I had cjd among other things. But turns out obviously I didn't, and most of my anxiety was caused by a negative reaction to Prozac. I switched to Lexapro and I had a pretty decent year. Now for whatever reason a year later I've been getting depressed again randomly and slightly anxious, and my health anxiety is making me fearful of cjd all over again and idk why. 😞 I don't know how or why my depression has spiked, can that happen out of the blue? Do recurring fears happen? What do I do?
  2. Asking this cuz my health anxiety gets the best of me lately. Anyways I'm a 29 year old male, currently 380lbs and 6 foot 3, October and November 2020 I had a severe case of Covid, that advanced to double pneumonia. I eventually recovered fully, but since then was diagnosed with tachycardia and high blood pressure as of more recent. Now i am overweight and out of shape. But recently i read an article with a study done that people with covid have a 60 percent increase in passing within 6 months of recovering and its sent my anxiety into full worry again, now i know its been a year ive been fine and ive had an echo, multiple ekgs, chest xray, holter monitor, and 3 blood panels that all came back fine. Whats the chance that covid did something to my system or that i have future concerns to worry about? With all those tests, would they have been able to see if something was wrong with my heart or other systems?
  3. TW: illness How do you cope with the fear of the unknown? Even if I feel fine, I just have fears of heart attacks, strokes, seizures, etc. occurring and it's so annoying because it ruins my day.
  4. For people taking Lexapro (Escitalopram) what milligram dosage did you notice a difference and how long did it take to start working?
  5. Yep, high blood pressure and tachycardia. But they said it should help my anxiety as well.
  6. Anyone ever taken 60mg extended release propranolol? What's your experience with it? Also I apologize if this was the wrong thread, I thought there was a medication thread but it's not showing up on my phone
  7. Yeah, they tell me it's not anything serious and that is just my body adjusting
  8. I have not just because I take daily vitamins and try to watch what I eat
  9. Idk who can relate but it's so stupid and frustrating how even though I've been told I'm healthy and my heart tests came back with pretty much no problems, besides needing to lose some weight, I still worry about something happening to me. I feel like a ticking time bomb and that I'll get a heart attack, or stroke, etc. I'm so tired of it, I just want to enjoy life.
  10. I know. At least the logical part of me does. It's the what if/illogical part of my brain that sucks. I'm 1 and a half weeks in Lexapro, off Prozac for 2 and a half weeks.
  11. I switched from an old doctor to a young doctor 6 years ago when my anxiety was bad then too and through the years he's always listened thoroughly to my concerns unlike my doctor before him who shrugged things off immediately as anxiety and then when I brought that up to him he called me a hypochondriac. Which I am but it's worth having someone actually listen to your concerns.
  12. Just wondering how many people deal with visual snow and or tinnitus? I see it's way more common in general than I originally thought but was wondering about the link between that and anxiety. Thanks.
  13. My biggest thing is being afraid of dieing before I accomplish all my dreams. I turn 30 next June and I feel like I'm getting so old, my teen years are gone, and soon my 20s will be and I'm overweight actively working on getting healthy, but it's the fact that so many things can happen to a person. And then I made the mistake of reading a reddit forum on people who died and came back that experienced nothing, and that troubles me because I've always believed in heaven and life after.
  14. Does anyone else memory hoard? I'm always scared I'm going to develop dementia or cjd or something so I'm always trying to remember everything. It's exhausting. And lately I keep making mistakes or saying the wrong words but I can't tell if it's just from me hyperfocusing instead of just letting my subconscious act. Like for example if I do something that I routinely do in order I keep messing up the order, or if im trying to interact with something I keep pausing before I do.
  15. Did anyone get shaky hands or restless/jelly legs after starting an ssri?