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  1. hi, so the doctors too told me it was anxiety induced. I still have it but I have decided to ignore it. it's been a while since I made this post and I just realised how dramatic I was being. your reply definitely made me feel better :))
  2. I do know that we have a pulse in our necks but in case you couldn't tell from reading the post, it seemed far from normal. I definitely didn't make the post to get to know from someone as ignorant as you that iTs mY puLSe. hopefully you don't make such replies on other people's posts on the forum. regardless, thank you for replying 🙂
  3. I am a very young and healthy female but about a month ago, I noticed a visible pulse in my suprasternal notch i.e the dip between the collarbones. It's very strong and can be easily felt if I put my fingers on there. Im so unbelievably scared by the idea that it could be aortic regurgitation or an aneurysm or some heart related problem. My parents believe that it isn't anything serious and because of quarantine, getting a doctors appointment is hard. I feel like it isn't likely that I have a serious heart problem at such a young age but a part of me is still very scared. I have no family history of ANY heart problems although my paternal aunt recently passed away because of heart problems which I am unaware of as her death is kind of a taboo topic in our family. But she was very old too. Other than her, no one has had any heart problems. On my mother's side, no one has any problems either. I can sometimes feel my carotids pulsate very strongly too. I have a strong feeling that it could be AR. This is affecting my studies and my grades and I feel so helpless. I read somewhere that it could be caused by the thyroid too. I was wondering if any of y'all could tell me how exactly can the thyroid cause it and how likely it is. I am so confused and anxious. I don't want to have a life threatening disease at such a young age (I'm 16 btw). I kind of don't want to go to the doctor's. I keep imagining the doctor saying that I have something seriously wrong with me. im too scared. If you have any idea what it could be, please put me out of my misery.