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  1. clonopin sucks!

  2. it can be a problem if youre single or dating! because it creates big expectations, like you should be with someone, and if you are you should buy them certain types of gifts, the companies love that. a lot of relationships end around v day, ive had it happen. thats not great
  3. there's no reason that you must have parties, especially to keep up with others! but if you wanted to try it, maybe you have family members who could lend a hand and take some of the worry off your hands? someday, i would like to have children, but finding a mother who could stand my OCD may be difficult! and it probably isn't great if we both had it
  4. as i've said, i can't possibly delete my facebook. i'm in bands, and we need that to publicize shows and stuff. what i could do is limit myself to logging on only once or twice a day. but a lot of people are talking over fb messenger now, so i would miss important communications in some cases. they don't realize the insanity of this game, so the rest of it are forced to play us with them. that's just the way the company wants it, of course. the more ads you see, the more money they make from your personal info.
  5. i'm on lexapro, SSRI does help. i'm also on clonopin, and having difficulty stopping it. when i try it, the panic attacks start to appear, and i can't sleep. i don't want to be on an addictive medicine that does this ever again. suggestions? if they prescribe clonopin for you, say no. i wish i had known about this before!
  6. You are probably OCD, I can tell because we tend to write very detailed emails and posts like this! You actually appear to be doubting the OCD in a very OCD way, if that makes any sense. Clutter and hoarding can be OCD related, my room is badly arranged even though I avoid germs and filth. People may not believe OCD is real because they don't understand it, but it definitely is. At least the world is slowly getting more informed. Welcome and good luck!
  7. enjoy dating before you get to the late thirties, then things really, really suck! find someone to mary before it's too late, and everyone your age is married, or divorced with a bunch of kids and cats! i wish i had figured things out earlier. do not waste your youth on fears, or you will really regret it, the way i do now. i wish someone had really told me this and i had understood.
  8. i find it easier to talk to one person, if others are there, they often run away and talk to someone else instead! OCD has the terrible problem of making us too intense. normal people dont understand why we actually care about things. one thing i know, a regular conversation has some times of silence, and also is not supposed to go on forever, so don't worry about a few gaps
  9. still sticking with it. still feel like an outcast at parties. i think my mind is actually clearer, but my depression is really severe. i'm not with my ex girlfriend anymore, and it seems like i dont have enough friends. if most of them are alcoholics, how can anyone understand how bad this is, or what it's liike to be the odd man out?
  10. yeah, the friend needs rehab, but they can't afford it, because tweaked out behavior has destroyed their finances and family life! i think they might have been there before, but i guess it didn't work. this is so sad to watch, but i guess i can't really do anything.
  11. actually I totally agree that modern living causes anxiety! or it is one of the major causes. the problem is what can we do about it? i'm too much of a freak right now to really hold a job, and finding a girlfriend is a challenge. somehow, i need to make some money, or im considered a worthless human being by my father, and most women i meet. eventually, my parents won't be able to pay for my survival - then what?
  12. i have another psychologist now, who understands things better. i'm single again, and dating - my last short lived relationship was ended by OCD as much as anything else - she loved the outdoors, and pets kept jumping on the bed. it's not easy to find someone to date, but always there's the fear in the back of my mind - what happens when she finds out am an OCD freak by regular standards?
  13. you see this number because you expect to, and notice other numbers less. dont let it trouble you. number obsession is an OCD symptom, it's not magic or anything.
  14. I might have noticed minor rare vision things, but nothing as big as what you mentioned. Perhaps this is not the right med for you, tell your therapist immediately
  15. Thanks for the warning, Lucid. I have seen, or heard about erratic behavior by this person. I guess I will tell them about this, for whatever good it may do. It seems everyone else has had a friend who was on meth, lots of terrible stories. This is my first time seeing this situation at close range. Yes i am definitely upsetting myself! I don't want to abandon my friend, how can I get them to go to rehab? I don't know if it's even possible, it costs a lot. I guess should say "we cant be friends until you go to rehab" but that is a very tough stance. I guess that gives them the proper choice