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  1. Try to relax and take your mind off everything around you. Maybe, pop open a new book. Watch a movie. Something to entertain yourself that does not require a lot of work and can be relaxing and ease your mind. This is obviously something only you can find for yourself to do.
  2. Try spending time outside. Sometimes even walking outside in public can become a form of interaction with the world around you. Obviously, creating new relationships is going to take time, but it can be done. You have to commit yourself to making the change. It is all about what is inside of your head.
  3. There are some places where this type of reaction can become heightened. A packed bus is an example. A stranger touching you is very uncommon, so I can understand why you were alarmed. At most, we see someone shake our hand, The tucking in of the tag was obviously a bit above and beyond, although it was innocent. Best way to handle it is consider all of the times in your life where such contact was not a bad thing. Consider those memories and remmeber them for the positivity they brought to you.
  4. Truly does depend on what these compulsions are. If you are unable to live with them then obviously they should not be relabelled as quirks. Quirks should be things that do not negatively alter your daily life. Quirks are things that do not make a difference and are just a part of who you are.
  5. kingusama92


    Yes, I tend to have those cramps in the stomach area, as well. At first, I thought there was something wrong, but in the end you realize that it is just gas. I tend to drink some Sprite or 7up in order to release some of that gas. Works for me!
  6. Sounds just like my sister. She does the same thing when it comes to any illness. At times, you are left in shock at some of the diseases she pulls out of her googling adventures. There are reasons why doctors despise Google and all it has done to ruin their lives. Patients come in with all sorts of diagnoses and assume they are correct when it is simply a minor affliction. I like the idea of banning yourself!
  7. What a bitter man. Unfortunately, there are some people out there that take their anger out on others. I am glad to see that you walked away from the situation. It is better to let the man deal with his own issues than to further escalate the issue and honestly waste your own time. No point in talking to someone like that.
  8. Like others have correctly stated, it is important to realize that this is temporary. You may assume this is taking over your life, but you need to have the mindset that this will not. You have to believe you are strong enough to overcome it. Find ways to overcome it by finding what works best for you. Obviously, visit a specialist and have them assess your symptoms and weigh in on the causes for your anxiety.
  9. It is all about being a caring parent. Parents have a lot of concern for their children. The fear lies within each parent that loves their child. The fear of them getting hurt, sick or in any other way harmed. In fact, you tend to feel that way for all of your loved ones.
  10. I suppose it depends upon how far you engross yourself into the movie. If you watch the movie with the mindset that this is all fake and nothing to be worried about, you will not panic. Each person is different. There are some movies that could make any person feel uncomfortable. It truly depends on the types of movies you are watching. Horror movies can be quite effective in inducing a panic attack.
  11. Have been wanting to go watch this film. I have watched all of the other superhero films that have led up to this one. So, I am obviously wanting to complete the journey by watching this one, where they all come together. It seems like the general reviews are that it is worth a watch.
  12. A nice bowl of Mocha ice cream does the trick. Could do with some right now, since you have brought it up!
  13. I thought 'The Kite Runner' by Khaled Hosseini was an excellent read. It has a lot of parts to it that a teenager can relate to. Plus, it teaches a lot of valuable lessons about trust, friendship and the evil of society and human beings.
  14. Hospitals are an unhappy place, in general. It's always associated with pain and death. I remember having to visit my father as he was badly hurt in an accident. It wasn't an experience that I wish to ever relive again. It's hard seeing your loved one just lying there in pain. I think a good way of overcoming this feeling is to visit the hospital without having a reason to. Perhaps, you can sign up to volunteer at the hospital. What happens is that people go to the hospital only when they have a loved one there or are themselves sick/injured. This will always lead them to relating the hospital to negative thoughts. The hospital is not all bad, especially if you volunteer.
  15. It's probably best not trying to just go straight to sleep. This is what ends up causing you to start having thoughts that make it almost impossible to even get a moment of rest. Like suggested above, try to do something prior to sleeping. Something that will get your brain active before you go to sleep. This can be something like reading a book or watching a TV show.