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  1. Today I decided to write a poem due to this stormy weather. Jealousy Put together love and fear and you'll feel something not quite clear Often mistaken as selfishness as your mind falls to restlessness.
  2. http://9gag.com/gag/4797934 Well that's a funny picture that my friends I created as a meme! Hope you guys like it! :-)
  3. I have been watching reruns lately and got hooked once again to watching the classic comedy of Al Bundy! He is the man for scoring 4 touchdowns in 1 game! Funny stuff!!
  4. I've been hearing this book especially from all the women I know. Most of them say that it's very adult and that there are definitely X-rated writings going on. With that, I think that it's definitely going to be a movie.
  5. I'm a huge fan of avocado that if only I can eat everything with it, I'll do! So today I looked for a way to actually do it and found this website! It's packed with recipes for avocados and if you love this fruit like I do, check it out! http://www.avocado.org/recipes/
  6. There is actually and I live in the valley area of California. I love going there because of the freshness of their products as well their affordability. I make sure to buy in bulk!
  7. Thanks Twinks! I'm glad it made you laugh!! :-)
  8. Who's watching SMASH? I can't wait for the next season! The music is astounding and the writing is superb!
  9. I have been hearing the buzz on this show but I havent watched a single episode of it. I guess it's time! Based on the comments here, I think it's very promising! :-)
  10. What's the film that can't help but make you cry? A Walk To Remember is one on my list, next would be Freedom Writers! Very inspiring. :-)
  11. Oh man I think I'm going with Hannah Montana!! I was really hooked watching that show and the movie as well. lol
  12. I think The Tool rocks this genre hands down. They are the king of Heavy Metal for me!
  13. Indie artists are more interesting than mainstream for me these days. If you dig deep into the web and find them, you'll experience real music and art than the usual pop scenes. I really love how this song was created.
  14. This is what happens when a songwriter falls in love with a fellow songwriter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF3u1q_T8aw&feature=youtu.be
  15. Yes! Her voice is too grown up for her age and her musicality is amazing! That song is kind of a hard piece and she nailed it!
  16. I am having nightmares for 2 consecutive nights now and I don't know why! The stories are so twisted and it's with the same person or character. Does this things usually have meaning if they are recurring?
  17. I love to bake! But the whole cooking with the marinating and sauteing, im not sure I have enough patience for that. I salute those people who are so passionate about it though. I wish I have their dedication!
  18. Vienna is one of my all time favorite songs written by Billy Joel. It speaks so much about life, love and passion. I have heard lots of people creating a version of this song but nothing beats the original. :-)
  19. When I grow up, I want to be the hybrid of Allan Menken and Sir Tim Rice, the dudes who are responsible for all the Disney songs! They are geniuses! What's your favorite Disney song?
  20. I love Alison Harvard from cycle 12! How many of you watches America's Next Top Model? Im currently watching some reruns and can't help being hooked again!
  21. David Tennant is definitely the best doctor for me as well! I love the Water For Mars episode. I have always admire the writings of this show!!
  22. I'm loving the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory lately. Howard is now married! I can't wait for the next season!!
  23. I heard this song in random via YouTube and I thought it was awesome! The lyrics, the beats, the melody and the arrangements are perfect!
  24. LOL is the title of the movie? And Miley Cyrus is back making movies? nice! I haven't heard of it and now i'm curious! I used to love Miley Cyrus,well at least Hannah Montana! haha
  25. Do you listen to Rock Music? I listen to a few but still can't stand those heavy metal sounds. I love Linkin Park as they are quite subtle and they actually have melodies. What about you?