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Found 4 results

  1. I've been worried sick for the past 2 months. Started off with daily reflux and indigestion which started out of nowhere! Also dull mid/upper left back pain. Had labs done and showed slightly elevated lipase level. CT and ultrasound of abdomen showed normal pancreas and gallbladder. I've lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks and now have greasy,loose oily stools. So convinced my doctors and the scans are missing something. I have SO many signs of pan can 😞
  2. Hi ! I recently posted here that I was diagnosed with GERD but then my company had an anual physical exam last January 30, 2018 . The results just came in last Thursday, May 8, 2018 . And the doctor’s findings were “ acute tonsillitis “ but when I went to the ENT on February, my throat was fine and that I only have post nasal drip . So I was given medications for that and it didn’t work . I was given a medication to get rid of allergies and clean the insides of my nose . Then I went back since the meds didn’t work for me .Then I had the endoscopy procedure on my throat and the doctor found nothing and just told me it was GERD . Gave me medications again, one to control the acid in my stomach and one to clear anything that’s in my throat . The throat clearing medication helped but my throat clearing and dry cough gets worse at night and when I wake up . Now I’m going to see another doctor . Hopefully they’d make me feel better . ‘Cause I’m so confused of the results that came out .
  3. Hi all, I just wanted to see whether anyone had ever come across this remedy for acid reflux and c****r prevention and if so or if not what people think of it, scam or of genuine worth?
  4. Life is always trying to tell me something and when I don't listen, my body takes over and it's an interesting/scary/frightening ride. It will tell me to listen through almost every symptom listed on this website. New this go round of 5 months are the symptoms of IBS and GERD. The IBS involves mostly cramps, bloating and pressure ( Anxiety alert!! Hey, I think I remember reading that those are the symptoms of ovarian c****r or perhaps a tumor...) Then GERD's present to me is heartburn and wakening at night with nausea. (Now what did I read about those symptoms? Worry some more) And so the dance begins again. For 3 months last year, I was sure I had ALS and when my friend/neurologist assured me it wasn't so - I was relieved....for about a week. I swore to myself that if it I didn't have a nontreatable/terminal disease, I would never have health related anxiety again. That lasted about 6 months and now it's on to the digestive system. What I am trying to say, dear reader, is that as I travel the many years of my life - I realize I have acquired twin limps.....the limp is are healthy related anxiety and depression. I also realize that these twins will be my traveling companions as I continue to inhabit the earth. They say with age comes wisdom - that may be so but acceptance is actually what I'm looking for. Acceptance that this is part of my DNA and that even if I don't feel well physically, I do have the option of accepting what is going on in my body and try to enjoy each new day to the best of my ability. Now if I practice faithfully what I just wrote in this intro. IT AIN'T EASY. Thanks for reading this - be well and be blessed