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  1. I am freaking out. I randomly had a urine test and dr detected blood. Did another one about a week later and still detected blood. Now I have had a pelvic CT with contrast to check for kidney stones which found nothing. So I am supposed to do another urine sample this week and/or just go for a pelvic ultrasound but I’m terrified I have bladder cancer. I am on 20mg of Lexapro but it’s not helping me at the moment. What do others take when things are heightened in these sorts of scenarios? The medication is fine when I don’t have any health issues like I have at the moment. I don’t know what else I can take so I’m not so “on the edge” till I see my dr at the end of the week and also so I don’t freak out even worse at the ultrasound if the technician says something stupid to trigger me even further.
  2. Anyone else had tonsils removed for biopsy?
  3. I rarely watch the news and stopped following any news outlets on social media. If I see something pop up I change the channel.. it def helps..
  4. I'm going through the same anxiety. I'm double your age, also have never smoked but ENT found a large ulcer on my left tonsil. Has told me he isn't too concerned but as I'm having surgery for my deviated septum and enlarged turbinates, he is going to take out my tonsils while he is there. I'm petrified it's mouth cancer and I have to wait 10 weeks till my surgery. I would fine a doctor who is better at dealing with health anxiety patients. I see my GP on Wednesday. Good luck and I'm sure you are fine and have nothing to be concerned about.
  5. Sooo.... Over the last 12 months I've been seeing an ENT as I have constant issues due to allergies with my nose being blocked etc.. I've also had laryngitis twice in the last 12 months. The ENT sent me for a CT of the paranasal sinus etc which I had done. I went back to ENT today and he said i have a deviated septum and the turbinates in my nose are quite large so he is recommending surgery to correct this which should improve the flow of air through my nose. I also happened to mention my recent new bout of laryngitis and that i frequently get a sore spot on my throat, usually the same area and it tends to happen when i wake in the morning and I assume it's related to my mouth breathing at night. I also notice my throat dries out if i breathe through my nose too much. He had a look and found an ulcer on my left tonsil. Last week it was sore but it's not now even though there is a white looking ulcer there. He said while we go in to correct my nose he would recommend a biopsy of my tonsils but when they biopsy they usually just remove the tonsils all together and then test them. I went into IMMEDIATE anxiety attack in the Dr office. Got the hot burning feeling through my entire body. Had to take my jacket off. Expressed to him my anxiety and he tried to alleviate my concern saying that it is most probably nothing to worry about but he can't 100% it's nothing sinister. He just said that it's certainly not normal to have this recurring. I AM now petrified and even though I'm on anxiety meds, this hasn't helped at all today. Surgery is booked for early Sept so i have a few months waiting for this to happen with my own anxious thoughts. Due to work commitments and a few trips we've got planned I can't in reality do it sooner and the dr said he is not concerned about waiting, he isn't concerned by the look of it to warrant sending me straight into surgery but I'm still petrified. I've checked it tonight so I know what I'm looking at and will monitor if it goes away but i'm concerned that it's there but I don't actually have a sore throat at the moment.. Anyone had this happen????? Sorry for the long rant.. I think I just need to talk about it and get it off my chest.
  6. I've been on meds for 14 months now and have been going really well. SO many things have improved. One thing that hasn't is that I've gained weight. I have never had issues with weight before, if anything I was often told I was too skinny. However I'm now the heaviest I've EVER been. I would guess I've gained about 7kg over the last 12 months. I'm at the higher end of being within a healthy weight range in regards to my BMI but I only have a small frame so I'm not happy with how I'm looking . I don't sit around doing nothing, I'm quite busy but I think because of the meds, I'm less anxious and just eating heaps more and my sweet tooth gets the best of me. Because I've never really had to watch what I eat, it's caught up with me. Has anyone else gained weight while on meds? When I've looked at side effects, it only lists weight loss, not gain as a possible side effect so of course now i'm worrying that it's something that is wrong with me. Also really lacking direction to try and loose the weight as well.
  7. I've been having nerve twitching happening since just before Christmas. I started taking Lovan 20 about 4 months ago and I was hoping the twitching would subside but it hasn't. I've had a nerve conduction study done which was normal. I only notice it when I sit down to watch tv or relax, do not notice it when I'm out and about. It's happening randomly anywhere on my body. I'm paranoid about a brain tumor or Parkinson's. Anyone else have this happen and what did you do to stop it? The Lovan has helped immensely in a lot of other things but just not this part and I still get a burning/hot feeling on the tops of both my feet which had the neurologist who did my nerve study a little stumped. Appreciate any feedback.
  8. I've taken meds short term about 7 years ago, after I had my first child. I feel as though my anxiety has really peaked in the last 6 months or so and it's affecting me any time I'm alone with my thoughts. I would say that no one on the outside would even know I'm struggling, not even my husband, which is a whole different issue as he hasn't even bothered to ask why I went to my last two dr appointments, or ask how i went afterwards. I haven't told him about the script. Therapy has been great but i feel like it has become stagnant and i haven't had any improvement for a few years. I've really just used it as a venting activity. I have a lot going on at the moment and that is why I feel my anxiety has peaked again. It is over 6 weeks before I see my new therapist. I called my old therapist and asked her opinion and she said it's always worth a try and if i decide I don't like it then i can see GP and wean off it. I'm now wondering why I've been given an antidepressant when I don't have depression..
  9. I saw a female GP today (my normal GP is male) and started talking to her about my anxiety and asking what level is considered ok to live with and what level isn't. We discussed my current symptoms and my anxiety and the GP suggested I might benefit from a course of meds. She said something along the lines of it may help to even out my seratonin levels and help the anxiety. I have to go back on Monday and she is going to give me a physical and address my "actual" symptoms and try to sort those things out. I'm kind of stuck between one minute thinking that i'm feeling anxious enough that maybe some meds would help short term, to then the next minute thinking maybe I'm not really bad enough to need meds. The script is for lexapro. She asked me over the past 6 years I've been with my current therapist, am i the worst I've felt over that time or somewhere in between, my reply was that I feel i've probably regressed a little as I have some stressful things happening around me at the moment. My therapist said that those things are more than likely the reason my anxiety levels have increased. Because I'm having 2-3 anxiety attacks happen every week or 2, that's more than I was. But i feel like once I have the physical, and I know i'm ok and nothing is wrong, that my symptoms will go away and my anxiety will again decrease so then why would I worry about taking the meds. I said that to the GP and she said that chances are that even once I'm given the all clear, I will probably find a new thing to be anxious about - which does sound accurate. Thoughts please??
  10. cr@zyd0t I feel your anxiety! I saw this topic heading and actually had to double check I didn't write this myself. The main fear I have not been able to work past in 7 years of seeing my psychologist is my cold sore fear. I get them, I've had probably 10 in my life. But my fear went from ME getting them, to now the fear of my kids being infected. My husband and his parents get them and this is an ongoing source of anxiety for me. You literally need to come into contact with someone who has a cold sore to catch one, catching one without someone having an active sore, I'm told, is quite rare. I find if my lips are dry or I'm slightly dehydrated, my lips start to feel weird and tingly and then I'm running for lip balm, but this doesn't lead to a cold sore. My anxiety kicks into overdrive when someone has one around my kids, I'm ok with me being with someone who has one, but my kids is a whole different kettle-o-fish.. I just wanted to post so you knew you aren't alone with anxiety on this topic.
  11. I have an apt with dr on the 12th and I'm going away this weekend so I'll see how i go. I have been feeling more anxiety than normal lately and it just feels like everything happens at once. I had an apt this week to see a lady dr about a few things but my youngest got sick so I gave up my apt so my daughter could be seen instead. I have itching around my bra line, I have had weird tingling or pulsing feelings below my tailbone (if you get the direction I'm heading), and the burning on the top of my feet. Of course i googled which I know is not good and it came up with diabetes, lupus, MS, c****r, etc I only have 1 apt left with my therapist before I start seeing a new one, as the one I've been seeing for many many years is moving about 1.5 hours away. This therapist has been the one who helped me make the most progress.
  12. I didn't have any concerns relating to my feet at all before this burning/sunburnt feeling started. I don't scan my feet, I'm only thinking about it when it's happening, no not afraid of putting on shoes.
  13. For the last few weeks I've had the feeling that the top of my feet are sunburnt. Yes I have a slight tan on my feet from my shoes but it's at least 3 or 4 times a week and today I wasn't even outside yet my feet have had a slight burning feeling for most of the afternoon. Anyone had this and know what might be the cause? I tried rubbing some moisturiser in and it helped for about half an hour but then it started again.
  14. It has been a good 5+ months since my last bad anxiety episode. I think my last bad one, according to my diary was in June of this year. Generally when I'm really bad I write in my diary. Gives me a way of reflecting back, especially to symptoms that have occurred before and then passed and gives me a way of showing myself that it's mainly all in my head. At the moment I have the following going on in my body and I know it's great that I'm "in-tune" but sometimes I wish I was oblivious to it all. - Pain/discomfort around where my bra sits - Tingling and discomfort in my back/shoulders/neck - I'm very aware I need to see my physio for an adjustment - TMI ALERT - Tingling and discomfort in my bottom area - Severe allergies/hayfever causing nasal congestion/sore throat/cough I then saw my husbands family for Christmas and we were discussing a relative who passed away from brain c****r (at the same age I am now). They talked about some of the earlier symptoms which at first were dismissed for sinus problems but ended up being caused by the brain c****r. Since I have had a higher sense of anxiety than I've had in a long time. What is my discomfort near my bra in breast c****r (can't feel anything), what is my back is something weird going on, what if the tingling (below) is bowel or colon c****r (i've googled this one which only pointed to hemorrhoids/IBS etc which I have had before). What if the allergies and nasal congestion are the same as the symptoms the relative we discussed had. I seem to be worse in terms of getting anxiety when I know there is no chance of seeing my doctor (closed for the holidays). I am seeing an ENT in February and I'm quite prepared that I'm going to be told I will need my adenoids out (my eldest child is having them out in Feb) and I suspect my youngest will need hers out as we all have very similar issues in this area. I'm embarrassed about the tingling/issues in my lower area about seeing my doctor so i'm not sure what to do.