So, how to end this ? (or at least moving on)

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I now fully admit i have full scale health anxiety as it is written in the book. Not believing doctors,tests etc...  I am currently stuck on liver cirrhosis as i used to be quite a heavy drinker for some 5 years.

The only reason (i think) why i am having hard time to except the clear tests results ( Physical. Blood works, ultrasound, colonoscopy) is i was reading online ( big mistake i know i know) that people had it even with all of those tests came back clear... So now i am in a real deep hole... what to do ? how to accept the result of the tests ?  

If it wasnt for some annoying constants symptoms( some pain in the upper part, back pain, neck pain, dry mouth, general abdominal discomfort and the palms of my hands are sometimes getting red even i think they were always like that since i was a child)  it would have been much easier, but it looks as they are here to stay so then again the loop of the tests must have missed it...  

I really dont want to go on medications, its not stopping from things like going out, flying, working etc... but it is effecting my lifestyle and it is taking my brain most of the day and i cant help but visiting liver diseases forum in searching for more reassurances.

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Hi, David;

I've written about it before, but in short, dog bites man is common, no story there. Man bites dog IS a story as it's so unusual and odd that papers and TV would cover that as human interest.

Are there weird oddities like you describe?  Sure but they are the 1 in 1,000,000 and there are likely elements of the story you reference that make that situation quite unique to yours. You want 100% certainty, but as of 2018 medical science can not give that to us. Acceptance is key. You've done a whale of testing all normal. you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle and then just go about living your life.


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Yes Bobnnat. The media and scare stories cause no end of problems in anxiety. You can bet your life that just as you think you are getting to grips with HA some news report or, if you are fool enough to Google, will tell you of some terrible incident and off you go. 'Triggers' are everywhere and acceptance of that fact can help. We can't ignore the news or life, but we can stop reacting to events. We never ACT,. we REACT. Reaction is always from the past. It's based on our previous experiences which are so often false impressions stored in memory. To ACT is to be present in the NOW! Action requires no thought because it's spontaneous. You may run from danger, that's action. But if you stand and dither wondering what to do that's reaction. Thought has come in and that's where we go wrong. Caveman ran until out of danger. He then went about his food gathering and forgot the incident. WE hang on to every detail of a trauma, store it in memory and bring it up when we feel anxious. 

'Good news is not news', but bad news will find its way to the front page.

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