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  1. I know of someone who hates the idea of medication. He felt that he cannot rely on the medication so much and should try to work out his issues on his own, without therapy even. But eventually he relented and he slowly see the benefits of how medication may help him to cope better emotionally. I don’t know what is your reason for not wanting to take medication but it might be good to work through these fears with your therapist. And it seems the therapy session works for you too. Maybe good to have both ongoing, both therapy and medication? Hope you will feel better today. Take care. God bless!
  2. Hi Andrew, have you tried or consider consulting a doctor or a psychiatrist about this before? Might be helping to get it properly check, diagnosis and from there learn coping techniques when it happes again. I think that might work better. What do you think? Be well and take care. God bless!
  3. Hi there, most of the members here provided sound advice and most of them are right about talking to your parents. I'm a mother to a daughter and I would wish and pray that i'll always be the one whom she reach out to for comfort or advice or any discussion. Not weird to txt them to let them know that you are going through something right now and you need to talk to them about it. But going into details of the whole thing is best to do it face to face. It's the best way to communicate. I pray that your conversation with your parents will open up opportunity for you to seek healing. Be well and take care dear. God Bless!
  4. Hi Pink socks, I had some of the symptoms that you mentioned above - body aches overthinking and sleep issues. I also have problem focusing on tasks and I drifted in and out of them. IT could be thing as simple as grocery shopping. I could be staring at my list and the items just did not register in my mind. Eventually, I went to see a therapist who specialised in EMDR whom addressed the root of my problems. Did you see a doctor or a therapist about this? Depending on how severe your anxiety, your doctor or therapist will be able to advice or prescription medication that help you to cope. Hope this helps! Take care and be well. Praying for you. God bless!
  5. Hi there, I'm glad your bf is very supportive and loving towards you. Thank you for sharing btw! It takes courage for one to do so. Whatever fears that you might have, it may be good to sit down with your bf and work through it together. Do you guys have any mutual friends that both of you trust? If yes, it may be good to sit down with them and share some of the thoughts you might have about the job and other stuff. In a way, talking about it helps you to put things into perspective and help shed some new light into your situation. Hope this helps! Praying for you.