12 year old son has lump under his nipple

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First we will be going to the Dr tomorrow since today is Sunday.  

Last night my son told my husband that he felt a lump under one of his nipples.  I felt it myself and it feels like fatty tissue.  It's soft, movable and right under his nipple.  I went to Dr Google ( I know, I know) and it doesn't appear to be anything bad. I read that it can happen during puberty and it's normal?  So I guess my questions is has anyone experienced this with their kids or themselves?  I'm really trying not to freak out (I did last night) since there is nothing I can do today anyway.  Just looking for any insight?  Thanks.  

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Sounds like a Lipoma to me. I used to get them when I was younger. If it is a Lipoma, then you are OK. 

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