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  1. I have had anxiety my whole life just about. Lately I've been under lots of stress and anxiety as well as depression from university and life stress. On finals week i started having heart palpitations headaches sleeplessness etc which is normal for me when I'm extremely anxious but I went to the doctor. She did an ekg and said that I had sinus tachycardia which totally scares me. She also said it could be related to stress and caffeine which I had lots of over the past few months. She also did blood work and they called back and said I have low iron and hyperthyroidism! I'm so afraid because I'm in my late 20s I've never head any heart issues and this is the first time my thyroid bloodwork has come back with any issues. She said it was very very slightly elevated by just one point. Before she called me my heart palpitations headaches and sleeplessness all but stopped and I started feeling better because school is officially over. So I'm just wondering if anyone had dealt with this before? I'm afraid that I won't be around to raise my son because I don't know how serious thyroid problems are or what this means. I don't see my doctor for a few weeks. Will I have to take medication for the rest of my life? I am a vegetarian so idk if that's the cause for the low iron. I'm just really really afraid of what this may mean for me.