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    Thank you very much Growing, I'm 47 days in, now 3 days on 40mg, we shall see, got a second depression analysis beginning of December
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    Thanks JJ, so far I'm on 30 days and not really feeling any better, just worse, I will persevere and see what happens.
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    Can anyone here share their PERSONAL experience with this drug with me please, I'm only interested in people who are either on it currently or have taken it in the past. What I want to know is what kind of feeling did you get from taking this particular drug and how long it took to receive any benefit from them. Thank you in advance.
  4. Things are not going well for me currently, so far not really getting any good vibes from these meds, if anything it's darker thoughts, I still take them daily but my next checkup is still a month away, i have just lost my way, I guess I will see what therapy brings on wednesday.
  5. I'm not ashamed to say that too many movies are 'Tear Jerkers' for me even song and poems..
  6. I'm with what everyone said, hang in there hun, I know you are strong enough to pull through.
  7. Processing stress is not easy at all, I have never been able to understand it fully, that is why I spend a lot of my time trying to sleep
  8. Damn, if you find the answer to that one, give me a call, maybe then I can get back some of the years I lost Cheer up Joy xx
  9. Hi Kara, Welcome to the forum, there are other uses here that certainly share your issues, I will be starting therapy again soon just waiting on the date. I currently suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder and I'm Autistic (a few other issues also), as for getting to know everyone the best way to do that is join the chat room, was the quickest way to find a friend base, If chat is not your thing then keep posting on the forums and people will reply Good luck
  10. This is another reason why I don't go out anywhere, I always feel like people are judging me; even with family and it doesn't matter if people really are judging me or not, it's something I can't get out of my head, I cannot control it.
  11. Anxiety does have a strong link to sleeping issues, I also have big problems sleeping, I cannot seem to catch more than a couple of hours rest before I abruptly awake for no reason. You are not alone on this one, but I currently have no remedy for you, when you visit the doctor make sure you ask them if they can tell you if there are any other reasons for your lack of sleep, and tell them everything.
  12. I hope so too Gilly, but with everything else, only time will tell, I will keep you informed with how I'm doing ofcourse.
  13. For the first time in almost 10 years I'm getting help with my anxiety needs. Doctor started me on Citalopram 20mg daily and at my request a referral to a therapist, maybe this is what I need to finally start being myself. Wish me luck
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    Welcome to the forum, there are a lot of people here who share a lot of your issues, don't be discouraged by looking for help, feel free to drop into chat if you want to speak properly to any of the members here. On a personal level, I experience nausea and shaking when my anxiety gets bad so you are not alone there, but please do not hesitate to chat with us.
  15. That was a little harsh Twiz, and a little explicit, above all we need to respect each other, especially on these forums, everyone here has issues and that is why we come here to express those issues and to try and find someone who can help them deal with it. I see what you are trying to say but your wording could have been a little more thought-out were not here to compare our issues, it's not a competition. To the OP (Original Poster) In these situations with what you are experiencing, it's probably best not to dwell on them too much, although that is easier said then done, I know. Maybe taking the backseat for awhile could be a good idea, meaning: Instead of worrying about if he is cheating on you or not, instead, give him the benefit of the doubt until you atleast have proof I often over-analyse things and all it does is make trouble, the best thing about your post is that you admit the problem, half the battle is knowing why you are fighting so that is a good start. and ofcourse, welcome to the forum Sorry if I flamed you a little here Twiz, I just felt that the manner of your post could have been toned down, No offence was intended on my part.
  16. Best advice I can offer you Leo is hope that things will be ok at the events that you have coming up we are all here for you if you want to chat, keep strong x
  17. Thank you very much Gilly, I am also willing to help others I come across and share experiences
  18. What we have all experienced is linked pretty tightly, another common thing that is associated with Sleep Paralysis is; Lucid Dreaming, basically where you are not able to differentiate between being awake or being asleep whilst dreaming. You are aware that it's a dream and to some extent you can control waht images you see and in a lot of cases you wake up and cannot tell if what you were dreaming was real or not, until you turn on the light or check the curtain @Thehipster No, I don't think watching The fog contributes to your fear of sleep, maybe Bambi?
  19. I actually suffer from Sleep Paralysis, although it's not every night it is more often than I would like it to be, I actually think it differs from case to case, some cases; Sleep Apnea (long pauses in breathing) plays apart in it. With me, when it happens and also the symptoms of Sleep Paralysis is when the body goes into the dream state before the brain has, miss-communication then causes the brain to think you are actually awake but you are temporarily unable to move and again in my case and more often than not, I actually cannot breathe as if someone was sitting on my chest. I'm not sure if what you experienced is actual Sleep Paralysis unless of course you missed out where you woke up and were unable to move, but then again, I'm no expert and only recently discovered that I do suffer from it. Please don't take this post as a direct disagreement to yourself, I would suggest you just get some clarification the next time it happens, because there apparently is ways of 'treating it' but I have yet to try them. But you are on the right lines, Sleep Paralysis can be twinned with Anxiety Disorders, Sleep Apnea and even Narcolepsy. I hope this helps in some way.
  20. Thank you, I found it and it's semi updated
  21. Hi everyone, I was introduced here by a very very close friend of mine, we both talk quite often about our problems and experiences, but it's always nice to hind behind a computer screen and share your issues and problems with others. I wont go into detail in this thread about anything as this is not the place but I just wanted to say hi, I assume there is some sort of profile to edit, I will look for that, if not I will edit this post or atleast make another