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    ALS worry

    I am 37 female. About two weeks ago my finger twitched while using my cell phone. I have been under stress and have anxiety but I have never had twitching. I know that it can be a sign of anxiety but it’s just really scaring me. Now the twitching has continued to come and go everyday since. I also had twitching in the same arm, should, fingers and on the top of that hand. It’s all the time. it’s not usually long twitching, it more spasms or jerks the muscle and then is gone. The continuous twitch was earlier last week. Sometimes I don’t have it for a few mins maybe half an hour but it always comes back. At times my thumb doesn’t work properly. It locks or gets really stiff and has a pulling feeling, which also terrifies me of ASL stiffness. I’ve had some pain in my thumb joint and fingers and wrist too. I don’t feel like I have noticeable weakness but I am going absolutely crazy constantly checking it daily. It’s the only thing I’m feeling better about. But this stiff thumb and twitching is starting to affect my daily life. It’s all that I can think about because it’s all I seem to feel. looking for some reassurance. It is so hard to get a dr appointment soon. Even typing now by thumb feels stiff and I have to tell it to move.