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  1. I completely forgot to update but my PCP believes I am having spasms in my colon and referred me for a colonoscopy. Yay me! 🙄
  2. Well I decided to just make an appointment with my PCP and it is today. We are taking a trip soon and I don’t want to miss out dealing with this. Hoping it is something simple and an easy fix!
  3. It’s not muscular, that is for sure. I wish the wait for my appointment was not so long.
  4. I hate that I am back here. I have been doing an amazing job with having my health anxiety under control. Almost exactly a year ago I posted about having pain go down my left side. This time it is back with a vengeance and I am waiting for my GI appt which unfortunately is a month out. For the last few weeks I have been having some pain on and off going down my left side. I upped my miralax, thanks to my IBS, and have not noticed a difference. I have sharp pains that come and go and take my breath away in my upper left quadrant below the breast area. It also feels like something is there all the time along with some tenderness. I can feel it go down my left side and bothers me when I try to sleep. I finally did a saline laxative thinking maybe it was constipation and again no changes. Basically this runs from under my left breast down to my lower left quadrant. I am trying to contain myself but starting to feel that panic creep in. If you are still reading to this point I thank you. I need opinions and honesty. Sad part is that I am a nurse and I should have this under control. Maybe I’m thinking to much on it. Maybe it’s something that should not be there. Thanks for listening.
  5. I had a phone visit with a doctor for abdominal pain over the weekend. He said to increase Miralax due to my IBS. Nothing has changed since then. My bowels are fine, no blood. However I'm having pain from my upper left quadrant down to my lower left quadrant. Tenderness as well as a pinching/cramping. Also have back pain.. I work in Healthcare and sometimes I feel like the more I know can be a curse. I'm terrified that this is cancer. Feels like something there when I bend over and uncomfortable when laying on my left side. I haven't been on this page in forever because I've been doing so well but here I am, back at it. I'm terrified right now.
  6. While I am still in my IBC cancer scare I have recently fallen into the brain aneurysm hole. I don't want to get into my symptoms because I am exhausted but I am definitely having new primary symptoms. Someone just talk me off the ledge please. This is a hard day. ☹️
  7. No, I mean it itches a lot but scratching a little. I just noticed the redness today.
  8. I once had a breast cancer scare when I felt a lump about two years ago. They had me go for a mammogram. I don't know how to handle this one. Trying to involve myself in other things but it's not easy.
  9. I shouldn't be here, I really shouldn't. I have been doing SO WELL! I am a hot mess right now and I am alone at this moment and need to let this out. Left breast has been itchy for about a week or more. Today while in the shower I noticed the same breast is red. My gut is saying it has to be dry skin. My head is telling me that this is not normal. I went and looked in the mirror and it does look slightly larger. My anxiety is now through the roof and I can not concentrate on anything else. At this moment I can not calm down. Scared out of my mind.
  10. I'm worried about it being a malignancy, yes. My niece just beat Leukemia andy town had a high rate of cancer because our water was contaminated so it scary that this came out of the blue. I do not have any rash/scratch/bites or lessons in that area.
  11. I went to the doctor today because for the past 4 days I've had a very tender, painful lymph node on my neck behind my ear. She told me it's very inflamed and to use warm compresses. She said if it's not better in a few weeka that they will biopsy it. Naturally with my HA I am freaked out. I'm so scared because I have not had a cold or anything else. I can barely turn my head.
  12. Last week I experienced the worst headache ever. It's possible it could have been a migraine but I've never had one in my 37 years. Earlier in the morning at work I believe I had an aura. My vision was off and it felt like a flash had gone off but would not go away and I couldn't see that well. Close to lunch I started to develop this headache and I instantly became nauseous. My head hurt so bad that I had to leave work and I felt like I was going to be sick. I ran in the door and instantly had to lay down. I've never experienced something to this degree before so naturally I'm terrified. I can't stop the downward spiral feeling of it being something sinister. I need help.
  13. Hi all, I have been doing fabulous for a few months now, however I'm back tonight. Trying not to worry but a few days ago I had some upper abominable discomfort so I am taking some Prilosec. However yesterday I started to have some pain right in the middle of my chest, in-between the breast area, that hurts with any kind of movement. I've costochondritis before but never in this area. Is this costochondritis or something else?
  14. Whatever it is I hope it goes away soon. It has pretty much moved to the very middle of my upper chest and non-inflammatories are not working. It's driving me insane. Makes my anxiety go up.
  15. I have IBS-C which means that I have the opposite problem and I will forever be on Miralax. I would suggest going back to the doctor and see if you have IBS-D and they might be able to prescribe something for you. When I get anxious my stomach acts up as well. Hang in there!