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  1. Sounds pretty bad. Are you looking for another job? If so, it sometimes helps to do at least one thing a day towards your goal (finding a new job). I had a bad supervisor once, and ended up getting a job elsewhere. I don't know what your job is, but sometimes temp agencies can help you find a new, permanent job.
  2. That sounds familiar. When I was younger, I went to a university where you didn't really get to talk much with the professors. They had TAs for that. (Teaching Assistants - basically grad students). It's better in community college - the profs are there more for the students. There's a book called K&W - it's about listing colleges that have special needs programs for students, and what exactly their services are. I checked it out of the local library once. Maybe it could help you.
  3. Would it help if you only took one class at a time? That's what I do. There's an online school called Penn Foster, where I'm taking classes. They give you a lot of time to complete a class. I don't know what you're studying, but maybe it could help you. What exactly happens when you're in school? What part stresses you out?
  4. Anyone into off-grid living, building your own home, growing your own food, etc.? Kirsten Dirksen does a series of videos about these and other subjects. I really like them.
  5. I think there are some websites, like zillow, where you can see the home online before going there. Maybe you can narrow down your field of choices online instead of in person. Sometimes when i turn things over to god, it helps alleviate stress. I don't know if you're religious or not, but it might help if you are.
  6. There is something called The Warm Line where I live - it's a phone line you can call when you're not feeling great - it's not a full-blown emergency, you just feel low. Maybe there's something like that you could call and talk to someone. I don't know what to say, because I've felt like that a lot too. Sometimes just making yourself do something for 5 minutes can help snap you out of a funk. Or just taking a walk around the block. Something simple, even though you don't want to, but it sometimes helps.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll look for it on Amazon. Thanks also to everyone who's replied to this thread. I appreciate your suggestions.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I'll try to think of more pleasant things when driving.
  9. Yeah, I'm looking into taking another, less stressful route. Think it will be okay. Thank you so much for the reply.
  10. I've noticed a growing concern about driving on the freeway. It scares me to have to drive so fast, and in such tight quarters (during my weekly trek to see therapist). I'm scared of being in an accident. I'm not scared about what other drivers do, I'm scared that I might cause one, even though I've been driving for decades. I need to figure out how to get through the fear, rather than succumbing to it and not going on the freeway anymore. Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. That's what I thought too. The PC Police run riot. I don't think it was meant as a dig to people with mental issues - it's more like a costume of a psychokiller, like Freddie or Jason in their horror movies.
  12. I've never thought about anxiety and tv shows calming me down...I'll have to try that...sometimes I'll lie down on my bed in my room and watch stuff on the Internet, and that calms me down if I'm anxious.
  13. I'm late to the party on this one, but yes, I liked the Avengers too. Joss Whedon rules.
  14. Hi. I've had trouble with jobs my whole life - feel overwhelming anxiety when I'm there, no matter what the job is, I feel awful. I'm trying to get disability, but haven't heard back yet, and it's been a long time (almost a year).