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  1. #ColU https://t.co/z9gFd2mBH9

  2. Love it! https://t.co/O3rOZEN6V9

  3. RT @OldFootball11: #LiverpoolFC (1985/86) #LFC https://t.co/hLesnwVYq3

  4. They are all alive. https://t.co/9KqQExG3K4

  5. Is @TheAthleticNYC worth the price?

  6. RT @CanaryandBlue: Chase and Jimmy are joined by @JoshuaMLaw to break down Tite's final squad selection for this summer's World Cup. The po…

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  8. @WhiteZinWench @MarkFishkin https://t.co/3MevcGeINj

  9. Tomorrow I make @MattSpeed a media star

  10. @MikeGraySC https://t.co/yZddMhDDX9

  11. @chrisjballard @ColU_Official that's why you bleed for a team

  12. Smarts @roberthayjr. Damn https://t.co/rOx6Lhsoif

  13. Trying to make my dad a @jasonrego3 fan. I’ll work on the providence part

  14. RT @ASRomaDublin: Let's support Sean and his family's medical fund. Click here below to make a donation ? #SeanCox ☘#LFC #ASR @ASRomaEN @LF…

  15. I love talking about how awesome @jasonrego3 is with @JonathanMolik