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  1. Ah yes...the good old colon c****r anxiety. beautiful isn't it?
  2. I am suffering from thid a great deal at the moment.
  3. I'm freaking over my eyelid again it's just bigger like then the other eyelid like 2mm more then the other one. Omg what am I gonna do???
  4. I'm having these panick attacks every morning it lasts for hours. All the things I'm concerned about get over me and I just don't know what to do Even if my problems have been fixed I'm still worried about them. I corrected the spelling of my name on my passport in 2004 because there was a typo on my expired passport. They corrected the name on it but they did not ask for any supporting evidence of my name and they should have....but they didn't. Why didn't they??? I emailed them a couple months ago explaining about it..I then sent another email telling them to forget about it. Omg I'm so scared. I can't keep going on like this in fear all the time.
  5. Hello everyone.... Due to my pathetic upbringing and life of anxiety and ocd and panic disorders.... I've never had a girlfriend before....I don't know how to meet women or where or what to say. I'm 32 I've never been on a date not once... Please can anyone advise?
  6. I went to the eye emergency clinic again. They checked my eye thoroughly even the nerves behind the eye. It's all fine. But she said I have blepharitis....inflammation of the eyelid due to dryness and skin allergies. I'm still worried though...its been 3 months and the eyelid still hasn't gone back to normal. It's still slightly more puffed up or swollen like.
  7. But what about my left eyelid drooping slightly down for the last 4 months???
  8. I'm really freaking out right now. I don't know what to do or think or feel. I had a chalazion cyst on my left upper eyelid 4 months ago. It was painfull and red lump. The red lump went away after 2 weeks...but my eyelid is still swollen like it's drooping down. Yesterday I did the worst thing possible and GOOGLED it First thing came up was BRAIN TUMOUR or optic nerve tumour or whatever the flying fvck. I went to the eye hospital and she checked everything....said she can't see anything but the cyst probably still hasn't fully gone yet and if I have other symptoms I should go to my doctor so he can refer me to a opthamologist. Freaking out...I went immediately....she told me to put warm compress on the eyelid and should come back in 2 weeks if it hasn't settled. I told her I'm worried about brain tumour and ptosis eyelid drooping. She sed if I'm getting headaches or any other symptoms I should contact them immediately. Dr google is saying the droopy eyelids is usually caused by a "serious medical condition" like diabetes or a tumour. Now I'm feeling like I have headaches and am convinced I have a brain tumour. Please someone helpppp
  9. I'm panicking. I'm anxious. I'm dizzy I'm shaking. Omg fml what's going to happen to me??? Someone help me please
  10. I want to commit s****de I'm going to prison and get my citizenship revoked. I want to end it all
  11. I started to calm down last night but woke up this morning feeling paranoid about everything. I called a lawyer about this passport thing. I'm. Waiting for her email reply...she's off sick as well which is increasing my anxiety. I don't what is going to happen to me??? Why did the passport office change my name in 2004 (my request) and didn't ask for any evidence? ? What if they will want evidence in the future and I don't have it??? What if??? What is gonna happen to me???????