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  1. Hi everyone I'm back in my own issue. Since this post things have sort of improved. I had a anal fissure which was seen by a doctor. No doctors seemed worried about my shifting poop. I saw another doctor who suggested iron pils and anti depressants. Since then things have sort of been okay in terms of my poo. Mix of 4and 5 on the scale, more 4s now which is good for me. Low fodmap seemed to have worked, and given me 4s but I didn't do it that consistently. But on to the scary thing. I had diaherra 3 times!!! In 3 weeks or so. Fairly urgent and my stomach hurt before. Dark brown (i know because of iron ) and smelly. Since going on the iron and anti depressant pills this began. I am also sort of constipated so my normal poo is a bit small/thin but not pencil thin, which worries me. The rational side of me thinks its the side effects of the anti depressant since they started at the same time as the meds (I also started eating more meat) but I'm still worried its bowel cancer. I also had a new symptom. Blobs of mucus after my diarrhea. I did Google and most point to IBS but I am just waiting for the blood so I can finally go back to the doctor and hopefully get a colonoscopy. Part of me wants to say I saw some or say I found a family member with bowel cancer so I can get referred. I'm reading survivor stories of people who were put off for years and convinced I'm going to be one. I feel I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I am already working fewer days at work because of this and I've stopped some hobbies, and I've not been taking care of me. Anyone have any reassurance? or have experiences this too? I just feel so alone. My friends are tired of it and I cant worry my family . I feel so rough. Some days my poop is good so I thought low fodmap was working, then bam . Scary Symptoms.
  2. Thanks Holls. I am trying. I just can't get the phrase change in bowel habits out of my head. I'm unsure if mine had changed this much before and the fact that I now poop before my coffee (though relatively at the same time) makes me even more uneasy. It's weird they aren't in a longer shape, that they are little balls, and it's weird some of them float. Im eating lots of fibre so its weird they arent more on the 4 side of things. I came across a few websites that say a change in bowel habits is a bad sign as well. I just seem to be fluctuating so much on that Bristol scale and the last few times I ate like a plumb or some cauliflower i had to poop a few hours later in the afternoon which is also so rare for me!! I always poop in the AM. Part of me feels okay , and that it is dietary as typically when I have lots of lentils or things like that I get type 5, but the other part feels like something seriously is wrong. I keep reading people's stories of cc and most of them say they have had loose stools.
  3. I was doing a bit better with my poop. It was seeming to edge toward the more typical Bristol 4. I cut out some dairy products not all though. I added some brown pasta and veggies and then today I woke up having to poop and it was mostly type 5 and floating! It's so alarming because Google says type 5 lacks fibre yet I ate quite a lot of fibre yesterday. I'm really worried as these are all adding up to a change in bowel habits. Such a vague phrase and my doctor said its not really concerning unless its dramatically different I'm just not sure 1) what mine really looked like before and 2) why despite the fibre can my poop not form a long snake? It just seems like I do have a change and I feel like I'm all over the place. Even more worrisome is having to poop when I wake up. Never did this before and though its not urgent, i am have to go even before coffee. I can't help think there is something inside of me even though a part me knows its irrational. Edit: I just had a 4 on the scale but it seemed thinner. On closer inspection I noticed one side of the poop was square!! Could it be the way it came out? I'm going to give this some more time to sort out in case it is dietary and then I'm going to try and call a private GI clinic for a consult I think.
  4. Thanks for the responses and the welcome. Yes I've been badly spiraling on this issue. Its just so exhausting. Now The only positives is my poo does seem to change with what I eat, but I've been tested for celiac and things so that's not it. I just don't know why my mind jumps to the worst possible case even if its unlikely.
  5. Hey everyone I'm new here. Hello! I've been struggling with what i see as changes to bowel habits almost all summer. Started around father's day. I noticed that sometimes my poop was mushy and it kind of sat in a pile like poop emoji. I dont think I changed much of my diet so that seemed unnerving. I never actually looked much at my poop before, and the pile appearance may have been how the poop just sat, because it landed on a bunch of toilet paper. Anyway I began to spiral badly when I googled this type of poop and the Bristol poop scale came up, followed by some articles about changes in bowel habits being really bad news. So i talked to a doctor via a virtual appointment and he basically said he didn't think it was sinister for a few reasons but to follow up with a doctor in person in 2 weeks if it continued. I was still worried so the next day I called my local doctor (I don't have a regular doctor) and he said he would run some tests. I got the FIT test and blood tests and parasite tests. It was a worrisome weeks waiting to get these results. I got too anxious to leave home so i barely went grocery shopping and cooked the food I had in my cupboard such as pinto beans. I had some panic attacks where i woke up at 3am and would begin to Google because I couldnt sleep. Still then my poops were pretty good then. I got a bit lazier and ate foods like pierogies and my poop went back to mushy. The thing is I am not sure this food has affected my poop like this before. I dont think so but I can't be sure. Anyway the blood work was good (not anemic) and the stool tests were negative. Doctor told me to try working with a nutritionist and that I didnt need colonoscopy. I started to panic because I had read all these stories of how people my age (33) get blown off and misdiagnosed for years and it later turns out they have stage 4 cancer at age 33 because the doctor was wrong and didnt do proper tests. I am in canada so its not like I can just book myself a colonoscopy either, we need referral, it needs to be indicated I guess. I did somehow find a private clinic that must be some type of loophole where you can self refer but its 4 hours away and I don't know who can come with me. I may try and call them if this doesn't settle, but also the thought of more tests freaks me out too. The doctor said the change in bowel habits I was talking about isn't worrisome and is likely dietary or something I am eating doesn't agree with me. So my poops now are kind of fluctuating between 4 and 5 on the scale. I am worried because I swear no matter what I ate I was a 4 so why the change. Sometimes Ihave a mix of soft blobs and more snake like poop. Also I've now been pooping before my coffee some mornings which is normally rare for me. And to top it off, in the past few days i've been having looser poop that comes out fast. Like last night I had white beans, kale, and hemp hearts and I basically had diarrhea today. I read that fibre should make it more bulky. I am still freaking out and my mood the entire day depends on what my poop looks like in the morning. I'm just at the end of my rope and I'm sick of this and how my whole summer had been ruined by analyzing poop. I'm so so worried something is wrong with me and I find it hard to trust doctors due to the amount of misdiagnosis stories I have read.