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  1. Yes I sure did and I'm doing amazing. !! Thank u for asking
  2. Thank u so much both of you.. my biggest fear is being back at my worst again with anxiety.. n ending up back in hospital n my ex taking my son. It scares the shit out of me. Im def. Gonna do the things u suggested i think it might help.. keep talking if u can ladies its helpping alot not to be alone
  3. Im alittle bit more out of panic but still in emotion mind.. i keep coming back to it. This is so hard im scared im gonna lose control of everything i worked for n so hard.. i cant afford to go back down the tubes
  4. Please someone i need support.. i have had anxiety really bad for years im going thru a bad divorce i have been keeping it under control up until this monday.. im shaking, throwing up, in a state of panic.. it was triggered by things my ex has been doing to hurt me.. im all by myself right now n scared to death.. i tried mediatation n breathing.. but nothing has worked yet.. im scared im going to have to go back in the hospital n they are going to take my son away.. my ex is just waiting for me to break.. someone anyone support..
  5. I have health anxiety so I love being around doctors or in hospitals. It's crazy I know but I feel safe there if anything should happen. I hate living like this hope it gets better for both or us. Pm if u ever wanna talk
  6. Hey all I was diagnosised with ptsd, gad, panic disorder,now I find out that it's been OCD this whole time. Health anxiety as they call it now a days. Has taken over my life. I'm scared every symptom i have from my anxiety or just about everything is a rare deadly disease . I've been to ers constantly the past 2 years n doctors.. I've had every test under the sun. Everything comes back as a healthy 36 year old woman. But I need reassurance all the time. But the relief of the reassurance only lasts too long then I'm back thinking it's something else. I have other rituals but it's mostly my thoughts are the issue. I'm hypersensitive to feelings in my body n in hyperalert all the time. It's taking over my life I am on meds. N just started seeing an exposure therapist. Anybody out there like this. I'm scared I'll never get my life back. Please help.
  7. Hey everyone. I've been having this ear pressure fullness like I'm under water since end of march. I also had a csf leak from a spinal tap the same time. I had 2 blood patches to fix it. I had pressure in head n ears they said it must be sinuses the pressure from head went away but ears are still filled with pressure. Went to ent he says there's nothing wrong with my ears. Multiple docs have looked inside nothing going on. But ent n 2nd opinion neurologist said it's possible ur pressure is off. I'm freaking out. I don't know who to see about this. What if my brain is filling up with pressure n something bad happens. I'm freaking out. Plus it's very uncomfortable feeling. Anybody out there no about this. Need help.
  8. Dizziness, nausea, trembling inside. Dizziness always makes me fear I'm passing out or have a brain tumor. Anxiety sucks!!!!!
  9. Thank u guys so much. I knew it had to do with this. I just wanted to be sure. N my anxiety tells me different things. Thank u u don't know how much this means to me.
  10. I am on lexapro celexas cousin. N I'm on klonopin as well 2 x a day just like u. N I woke up everyday trembling for hours sometimes all day. N I threw up all day too. I was in therapy like u doing dbt .. but I kept forgetting to practice what I learned. I was doing very well for awhile with using my coping skills. But I'm feeling ill lately dizzy, nausea, ear fullness, neck n head tension.. all which can be from anxiety but my health anxiety makes me think it's something more that the doctor is not finding. N guess what the trembling starts to come back n I start spiraling down the rabbit hole. N I'm digging my way out to get another good couple of weeks. Then the same thing happens. It's very frustrating I know.
  11. Is the dizziness n nausea related to the neck issue or separate?? Meaning if I get neck issue under control will the dizziness n nausea go away??
  12. I have been dealing with tension n knots in my head neck n shoulders for months now feels like knives stabbing me. To accompany that dizzy , nausea, n ear fullness to boot. I am thinking this is all related to my anxiety n tension in the neck. Does anyone know if these other effects could be bc of muscle tension in head neck n shoulders. Getting concerned. I have very bad health anxiety so my mind runs with these symptoms. Please help ease my worrying.
  13. I need more distraction in my life.. but i need motivation.. n when depression is working against you too its hard.. n i really dont have much depression it just comes from not having this anxiety under control
  14. Ill never come off my antidepressant ive been on since im 15 im now 36.. my brain would go ape shit.. but klonopin is definitely being tappered.. but i feel like i need to be in a more stable place before that happens.. my anxiety is crazy.. n im going thru a divorce so.. i dont need to add to the mess.. im planning on doing the ashton method with valium.. i went thru a rapid detox once before off 2mgs of klonopin it was the worst hell ive ever experienced n went on for 8 weeks.. then i reinstated on 1 mg of klonopin a day..i dont care if it takes me 3 years to ween of benzos.. ill never do it fast again
  15. Yes i see a therapist 3x a week actually im in an iop program.. intensive outpatient program..