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  1. Over the last several years, I developed a new obsession which involves imagining someone is asking me a question and I repeat the answer out loud to myself. I feel the urge to constantly repeat it to myself over and over again. Sometimes I obsess if I say something correctly and I will end up repeating the sentence over and over to make sure I said it correctly. I constantly feel doubt that I said something wrong. It's torture. Anyone else have this?
  2. Wow, I can relate. Is there anything that has helped you with managing your anxiet?
  3. I was just wondering how bad can your anxiety get? What kind of thoughts do you get?
  4. No worries Miss. Thank you all for the input.
  5. I was just wondering for someone who has never had an relationship and being almost 37 and struggling with GAD, OCD, depression, etc. Who could possibly want to be with me or love me? I feel like I'll scare every woman away.
  6. Sailor, How severe was your anxiety? Also, how long did you battle with it?
  7. Sailor, How bad was your anxiety and how long did you battle with it?
  8. MNML, Did you ever think about possibly going back to school for a degree?
  9. Did you ever consider doing IT for a media company? Or do you want a complete career change?
  10. MNML, I am truly sorry to hear this. How about your friends? You said your family or wife are unable to help. Why is that? What career would you want to pursue?
  11. MNML, I think I can relate my friend. I had a meltdown on Dec. 30, 2016. I am 36. The details are quite complex, which I could get into later. Since my 30s, I started to think more about the passing of time, getting older, my parents getting older, etc. Also, the existential thoughts, and anxiety became greater. Long story short, during my breakdown, everything hit me so hard; IM 36. IT'S 2017. 2017. MY MOM IS 67. I'VE BEEN AVOIDING EVERYTHING SINCE 2004. I NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND. I WILL ALWAYS BE ALONE. I'LL NEVER CHANGE. Thoughts about the universe, existence. Sheer terror. I had several breakdowns before. This one didn't last as long as the one in 2004, which was 2 years. But the intensity was greater. Words cannot explain how it felt. But anyway, enough about me. I would love to know more details so I can be of greater help. You might need more than just eating right, exercise, meditation, etc. Please tell me about your circumstances. I would love to hear them. -AM
  12. I wish it was that easy to accept.
  13. At the supermarket today, I felt as if I was going to pass out. Everything seemed unreal. On top of that, my thoughts about me getting older, the future, death, etc, made it impossible to focus on a simple thing like shopping. I saw one of my high school teachers and it scared me so much that so much time has passed. I wanted to run and scream but I finished my shopping. I don't know how one can accept such feelings and not be terrified.
  14. Indeed. I do not have any physical issues but rather racing thoughts, and high levels of anxiety.